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From Self-Taught Programmer to Job

A talk on how you can start your programming career from nothing. Topics covered: strategies on how to learn to program, tips on how to get a job, tricks for staying motivated along the way.

Learn how to get a programming job with no experience.

Talk by Daniel Deutsch (@DDCreationStudi) and Robert Axelsen (@robaxelsen).

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  1. IronLady89

    I had the same concept on programming that you have to be a MATH GENIUS and went into teaching after high school whilst being hopeless that I'd never learn to code. I faced my fear last year and attended coding bootcamp just so I could learn and yup, my view on coding has changed. It's about being able to understand problem and how you would go about solving it.

  2. Kahan Bhalani

    This video may become my biggest motivation as a self-taught programmer. 👏

  3. iVuDang

    Thank you for sharing your stories and tips!

  4. ouma ouma

    i just start learning coding from freecodecamp and i found it kinda hard but im still trying i wont give up easily i want to ask you guys a question does freecodecamp ofer you jobs or after you finish your learning you take your certificate from ffc and post it to copanies or how does it work can y all tell me because im new at this

  5. SamiXPunch

    I have already started to learn Html and CSS and in 3 weeks I have been able to build my first website with also little bit of Javascript by just watching FreeCodeCamp tutorials but still I am far from getting the experience to get a job I will come back after 6 months and hopefully I get a job wish me luck guys 24th September 2020

  6. Jack

    Next video – How to navigate all the annoying wokeness in tech.

  7. My main problem as a developer is where I live. I absolutely despise work culture and generally speaking the country that I live in. I hope someday I can go abroad.

  8. Sounak Bhowmik

    I'm 21, and am learning many new things every day related to programming and computers. I think I've started a little early😉

  9. AMIT +

    I will be back on day here
    15 nov 2020

  10. Shaz Noon

    I'm 15 and learning from freecodecamp.
    To all genius self taughts do u think that i can work as a freelancer or get a job in the next 1.5 years
    If i study and code for 60-90 minutes a day

  11. Saeed M. Adam

    I’ll comeback to this comment once I get a job as a software developer. (Tue December 29, 2020)

  12. Alcides Gomez

    Im a self taught programmer since 2019 from FreeCodeCamp and im still learning

  13. Ralph L

    Thank you.. All the information was very helpful

  14. stevebob240

    This is inspiring, I'm learning through freeCodeCamp and other resources. Thank you so much!

  15. KakSource

    I will come back with feedback when i get a job as software developer

  16. daniela guzman

    I'm learning to code with freecodecamp. it's one of the most useful website I've ever found to learn to code. i totally recommend it

  17. Roni

    Hi, everyone. Just wanted to share my story. I’m currently almost 13 years old. It all started about a year ago, when I was getting bored of quarantine and looking to learn something new. It was then I found out about programming. I did a little research and decided to start learning HTML. I learned from a tutorial on a website, but barely practiced and had a hard time. I decided to quit. When I started 7th grade, I got offered by my school to learn to code at a boot camp. At first, I hesitated. I wasn’t sure if coding was for me. I decided to give it another try and to go to the boot camp. At the boot camp, we started learning the basics of C and I started to enjoy programming. I would make all sorts of projects and show them to my family. After learning C for several months, the boot camp moved on to Python, which I’m currently still learning. I enjoy coding in Python even more than coding in C because I can make cooler projects in Python more easily than in C. It is currently summer vacation, so I have time to watch tutorials, learn from websites and read books about programming. I forgot to mention that most of what I know wasn’t taught by the boot camp. I learned it by myself by watching tutorials on YouTube and searching on Google. My advice for any self taught developer is to practice a lot

  18. Trebelo Jaques

    The thumbnai made me think this was a video by c++ weekly by jason turner

  19. Tytus Gierycz

    Being a math genius isn't necessary but being a genius helps a lot;)

  20. Xandar

    Man, you stall my story, same here !

  21. G Man

    I worked on the dock doing back breaking labor in the heat and in the cold. I taught myself to program and now I am a full stack web developer at the same company. I have seen people come in with degrees in CS with a background knowledge of programming that couldn't develop. Development is demanding and requires constant learning to stay relevant. You have to be able to go into work and be willing to use your brain to work. This sounds glamorous, but it means you're going to have a lot of days going home with your brain feeling burned out. You have to understand that you are going to encounter problems that you can't solve, but somehow figure out a way to solve it anyway and with time constraints.

  22. Frost

    "I don't know why… time for cheesecake and coffee." Well, that was unexpectedly accurate. I also came from outside of programming. My major started out about Earth science but it turned into learning Python for various geospatial software.

  23. Young-Sossa14

    when you look at the job description and the stack is not the same with the one i have learned do i still apply anyway?
    maybe they can change something or

  24. Koulmen Ilyas

    Motivation is a trap don't fall for it, don't wait to be motivated to do programming > building a habit is the real key here > I recommend two books which help me with that ( the motivation myth by Jeff Haden && Atomic Habits by James Clear)

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