FTX Disaster – 7 Unbelievable Bankruptcy Discoveries

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  1. ColdFusion

    Hey all, thanks for watching! Just a couple of corrections. Paul Wiess was the law firm that dropped Sam, not a lawyer and Dubai is a city in the UAE not a country. Apologies for that.

  2. Harry

    SBF supports Democrats and will get off lightly. We have a double standard of Justice.

  3. Rick C-1242

    I'm from the Bahamas I hate how our government officials allowed him to fool them.

  4. Joseph

    The FTX situation is stranger than fiction. Hope you can make more stories on this subject.

  5. Repair Wins

    Dude this is astonishing. The level of fraud and incompetence is like nothing I've ever seen before. Greed just keeps getting worse apparently.

  6. robert grahovar

    SBR blaming his girlfriend for losing money at Alemeda on behalf of FTX. No kidding, she said you only need grade 4 math to manage money. Maybe she should have gone to the 5th grade.

  7. Paredy

    Fried is how you spell fryed, and freed is spelled freed.

  8. Brian T

    4:17 – "At this point, one major question remains…. how did so many of the smartest people fall for this?"

    No. The question I want answered is WHERE IS THE REMAINING $5,000,000,000.00 at?

    Ukraine. Ukraine has been "investing" in crypto… which… WHY?! "Oh look, we're fighting for our very existence! Let's buy some Ether!" — no sane person ever —

    This isn't just simple fraud – there's political finger-prints all over SBF's ass, and that's going to be his biggest asset… not the two or three billion dollars that he has squirreled away off-shore.

  9. Joe Biden should keep his mouth shut about FTX. Sam Bankman-Fried gave a shitload of money to the Democratic Party in the US.

  10. Captain Nemo

    Cant imagine dems will be looking too hard at themselves….just another, "Whoopsie". But Sam might want to watch out, or he might end up having a "jogging accident".

  11. Perfect Post

    I’m so confused! Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank said he did a thorough investigation of Sam and FTX and that this guy was genius and the company was well run. BTW, O’Leary was a paid endorser!

  12. A Democratic sponsored company rips off the world… Who didn't see that coming? You know what is coming, no responsibly assigned and no convictions.. You apparently can buy the Democrats.. And Stanford is now a total garbage college when it comes to compliance instruction. Oh, and if you invested in to this dumpster fire because an overpaid idiot told you to, well.. You got what you deserved.. Be smarter next time.

  13. Kuda Tamayi

    From the sound of it, he never really had any business plan but wanted to self finance his lifestyle, then blames the mess on his poor girlfriend. Sad

  14. Frankie Carioca

    If everyone held their own crypto these types of scams would be hard

  15. AC A

    Greed makes people turn an eye with the possibility of getting rich and not missing out

  16. Ahmed Lotfy

    i'm still struggling to understand, where the money go? is it locked down as ftt tokens that now worth zero. and if that is the case where is that money that is backing up the ftt tokens?

  17. Mr Andersson

    It should be mandatory for every company to publish their owners revenue assets partnerships investments subsidiaries etc

  18. Remember the guy who was a YouTuber that made money off Bitconnect? Pretty sure he went to jail. Tom Brady is broke, his wifes gonna split for sure, and I don't see how he doesn't do time

  19. Roger Hagen

    Those Democrats "protecting" your democracy are in the middle of it all.

  20. Frankie Carioca

    👏👏👏👏👏Keep your crypto in your own wallet 👏👏👏👏👏 it’s that simple!

  21. drifle91

    It's obvious why he is still running free. He's a crook for the democrats. If they pin him down, that would link him to a lot of corruption in the political left.

  22. Alex

    Please let this be the final nail in crypto ‘currency’

  23. John Thomas

    Absolute scam from inception to right now! If you can find a buyer. offloading now would be a shrewd move! If in doubt people, watch Margin Call! What an eye-opener! Adages are a plenty!

  24. Jason words

    The guy will probably get a huge bonus… some shit never changes

  25. tserevenad

    Well done. Stay on top of this story we ain’t seen nothing yet!

  26. o oo

    I LOVE Crypto collapse, It brings me great joy. The stock market next, please.

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