Full Redux tutorial in 5 minutes

Learn to build a to-do app using Redux in just 5 minutes.

Code here: https://codepen.io/VimGirl/pen/eGajxX

Video by Maricris Bonzo (aka Vim Girl). Check out her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FJLMQi9Xd4

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  1. kim92se

    unbelievable tutorial i've ever seen regarding redux

  2. iLike toCode

    Hate these 5min bs videos co.puter science in 5min rtc.. lazy no effort

  3. Mako Next

    I was a bit scared of going into this after working with VueX for an year to find out that it works pretty much the same way lol

  4. rushic24

    Finally, good to know someone still using vim these days 🙂

  5. Kenneth Mark

    Nicely done! Im just confuse why it have $ at the end of each line

  6. Julio Vicente

    Could any of you guys, explain me what does the Dollar Symbol ($) means there? Please!
    Thank You! In advance!

  7. Izio

    You're using vim as a code editor,

    Marry me

  8. Ervin Anoh

    Excellent job! Thank you very much! I couldnt imagine I'll learn that much in 5 minutes!

  9. g

    This was so simple thank you

  10. Sha el león

    Super easy to learn! this is great, I'd just reocmmend to disable the break line character for your tutorials, it kept distracting me and I had to keep remembering that was not part of the code.

  11. I've written quite a bit of Redux before, but this is honestly the first time I enjoyed looking at it lol. Your VIM skills are NICE. Well done.

  12. John Doe

    I wish I could see her real typing speed… 😀

  13. dubo la

    I had to check the time again it it was really 5 minutes.

  14. Farooq Dad

    This video is just for revision purpose i muse say…

  15. Brilliant! Thank you. That was the best and most concise explanation I've ever heard on redux. And it was super informative to see Redux used on it's own.

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