Galaxy Note 5 Review – The best Phablet of 2015?

Brain fart – 16 MP camera. Not 13.
My thoughts after a week with the Galaxy Note 5. Enjoy!
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  1. I just found your channel randomly and so far I like the way you do your vids. For one thing, this Note 5 review is already different from the others because of the way you showed the inside of the S pen that is causing the pen gate issue. I like that uniqueness of ideas being put to videos. Nice review, by the way. Keep it up. 😀

  2. idanial

    i love your video, easily captured, good detail and that recap at the end is very nice…

  3. Crimsx6

    don't know if anybody corrected the 13 MP camera thing , but its a 16 MP*.
    thanks for the review Dave 👍

  4. Kyrone Marquez

    Hell yeah especially the display. QHD display are no joke plus with the super amoled technology they have are great that can replace my home theater experience. Wow I learn a lot things from you +Dave Lee great job!!

  5. JustWork

    Samsung note 5 is slag. Too much bloat, lag, and way too slippery.

  6. Atrelex

    I know I'm late at commentating but it's 16mp not 13mp

  7. Nick Li

    I noticed that you unboxed it twice. You showed the dbrand skin the first time

  8. Rykahnz

    Does wireless charging still rape your longterm battery life (expectancy) nowadays??

  9. IGA

    How can you mess up the camera specs? that is like their literally one of the highlighted feature.

  10. arman sesar

    looks too apple, coming from note 3 i think i might prefer the note 4 or possibly go completely a different route, lets see if there will be a worthy note 6 soon

  11. Monke V

    Incase everyone wonders Samsung did a revision to the Note 5 so the pen won't break the inside clip

  12. Takudzwa Shamhu

    I dont know who your video editor is, but he deserves a raise! This is good!

  13. Reynaldo Roman

    Oh wow,the view down the slot for the pen is such a nice touch,good implementation.

  14. Manav Patel

    Did you have a skin out of the box? Cause I saw one around the camera part. It was a black and white ish checkerboard.

  15. gnicolek

    Can you please do a lg v10 review? I love the way you edit your videos!

  16. Kian Gurney

    Did you have a skin on the back in the beginning?

  17. David H

    Thanks for the helpful review. Your videos are all very well done!

  18. DopeSpill Comics

    My Note 5 pen EXPLODED.. go figure.. and Sprint wouldnt even replace it, and I pay for the monthly insurance.. go figure.

  19. Aaron Fox

    Genetic horror check servant government phrase sight

  20. From 2014 I have been your subscriber and fan. You are the guy who uses some sort of tools to measure heat,sound and other things to give a detailed review. Reviewers says ITS LOUD but you lets us hear it,others say ITS HOW WHILE GAMING but you shows us the thermal radiation. That's an interesting thing my friend. Hope I'll meet you in person someday.

    Very cool reviews. Even the manufactures will agree with you.

    Recently Apple contacted you and asked you to solve their slowing problem of MacBook pro i9 cpu. They made a patch to fix the issue and that's your potential. All the best.

  21. William Le

    Hi Dave, I wonder what material does the s-pen made of?

  22. saqib ijaz

    Very well described, narrated and presented…. Good job done… Keep it up….

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