Galaxy S23 Ultra Unboxing – Wow!

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has been revealed in a live unboxing video! Reserve Here:


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  1. SevanUP

    The s23 ultra should have 65 watt charging speed to stand out from the s23 plus

  2. CAKO

    Again no camera under the Display

  3. Jack Staten

    I can't wait for the S23 ultra. I'll be trading in my note 10+. I traded my note 4 for the note 10+ and was blown away. I'm sure this upgrade will be just as satisfying. I was offered $800 if I traded last year for the 22 ultra. Hopefully I'll get at least $600 for the 23 ultra. Keep these great videos coming brotha. ❤️👍🏻💯

  4. Akilang_101

    I don’t care I am going to get the s23 ultra I don’t care if it’s not the phone for me. It is. Hats off to you South Korea

  5. Guantou

    Would you consider reviewing the soon to be launched Tesla mobile phone please.

  6. Kwaku Ghana

    S23 Ultra is too expensive n so I buy the S22 Ultra

  7. Z Jazzerator

    Looks the same as s22 ultra. Where are better colors like red, yellow, orange etc? Same colors year after year are BORING!

  8. Edward McKinney

    I would like to know more about the satellite communications technology in the S23 Ultra.

  9. Ranja

    To me , it's everything but "wow"
    Easily the most boring samsung flagship ever

  10. Tim Windsor

    Thanks for sharing brother. Much appreciated. Keep the content coming. Hope you have an incredible day.

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