You are currently viewing Galaxy S7 Edge Review – 2 Things I Hate. 7 Things I Love.

Galaxy S7 Edge Review – 2 Things I Hate. 7 Things I Love.

Review of the S7 Edge after a full week covering the top features and flaws. (Oops – It’s still Gorilla Glass 4. Not 5)
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  1. Ezra I

    Hi Dave! I got an upgrade coming up on my phone (currently iPhone 6) and was wondering if this phone is worth the move to the android world or staying with iPhone?

  2. Darwin N.

    Watching this video and I'm just like "I see WWC Bounces…"

  3. John

    Damn… saw the first 30 seconds, instant new subscrier. Great job!

  4. Zsolt Hajdu

    which one? samsung galaxy s7 edge vs iPhone 6s plus?

  5. Nabeel Zafar

    I don't know why you have less views… your video quality is AWESOME…

  6. BabyCorn ytd

    Hi. I am planning on buy 27 edge. Do Samsung devices still have lag issues?

  7. twisto

    woahh didn't know you were from Toronto!!

  8. Donald Thurin

    Hey Dave, do you recommend in 2017, the S8 is a little out my price range.. I'm hearing​ good things even though it's last-gen..

  9. G C

    Very professional, need a laptop was looking a Asus review thats how I found you. Keep up the good work. Laptop recommendations appreciated

  10. khalid

    I bought this phone march 2016, i still have till now December 2017, it runs great screen on time still great 5 hours + for me.

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