Galaxy S8 / S8+ Mini “Review” – Should You Buy It?

Galaxy S8 Skins from
My thoughts on the best smartphones from Samsung!

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Fili – Daydream

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  1. Dave2D

    PPI numbers are switched. Fantastic hardware on these phones. Gonna try to run one with nova launcher. Who's getting one of these?!

  2. Fabio R2016

    Can you review the Samsung Odyssey laptop? There are some people claiming it can reach 64gb RAM.

  3. Shaheer ziya

    Skins just help us feel better, nothing much to protect ur phones

  4. maronp

    The iris scanner actually recognises irises even when glasses are put on

  5. Star Scream

    واخيرا لكيت ترجمه ❤️❤️❤️

  6. giacomo

    I thought you were reviewing the S8 Mini lmao

  7. Neil Higgins

    Been watching your reviews for a short while now Dave,and whlst I wont always agree with you,your reviews are clear and too the point

  8. Saqib

    Hey Dave quick question, I've never used android before, have always been an apple fan and I decided to go ahead and try out android. Do you think this would be a good phone since I've never used android before, because you mentioned that if people were a fan of the S6 and the S7 they would love this phone but if i'm switching from an iPhone 7+ you think this would be a good fit?

  9. Uriel Angulo

    Man , your voice is so pleasing to listen. It's so soft and persuasive.
    Wait a minute … Yeah , I sounded so gay 🙁

  10. Maciej Ś

    Thanks! You uploaded video of my favourite smartphone on my birthday! Thanks! (i know, you didn't know that)

  11. Prokelley1992

    Traded in my iPhone 6s plus for an S8 because I was disappointed with the iPhone 7, and haven't looked back since 🙂 I'm looking at getting the Pixel XL 2 next.

  12. Ajay Awsib

    I habe used ios for 4 years which phone should I buy s8!?

  13. Biku Singh

    0:14 how can I bigger phone have a higher ppi with same pixel density??

  14. Arpan Roy

    Which one should I buy iPhone 7 or Samsung galaxy s8

  15. Cheryl M

    "When it's April 2nd and she still pregnant"


  16. Riley Chesters

    Gonna get one of these and just slap on a custom stock android launcher

  17. Lemar Talang

    hey Dave , did u know that u can customize Bixby? with just one voice command ?..I can do a lot of stuff 4 u?  especially f u live in a smart home and a smart car?

  18. Thomas Wojnicki

    Hello which dbrand skin is this black leather, dragon skin or hyperblack titanium? Thanks

  19. 头发乱了

    I agree with one of the points, Samsung's own software I hate

  20. Luchon20082010

    What a relaxed and entertaining presentation. One of the best definitely!

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