Galaxy Z Fold 4 long term review: DeX, S Pen, and screen size

I spent about 2 months for a Galaxy Z Fold 4 long term review, I even utilized DeX to use it as my main computing device, alongside streaming YouTube and HBO on it during my leisure hours. Here’s everything I learned while living with the Z Fold 4.

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00:00 Introduction
00:15 Love it or hate it?
00:26 External display
00:56 S Pen Case
01:51 Is S Pen good on Z Fold 4?
02:47 Software features
03:29 Display pros and cons
04:12 Camera sumary
04:24 Samsung DeX
06:11 Apps problems
07:33 Conclusion


This Post Has 13 Comments

  1. Blidaru Mihai

    No1 cares about multitasking…maybe 1% of die hard nerds

  2. Ryo SaeBa

    I have the same mix feelings as you… But where we differ is that I'm waiting for the 5th iteration and never want to use a slab phone again

  3. Josh Whiteneck

    The fold case from Samsung is garbage.
    The phone is awesome, but Android is holding it back big time.

  4. Smartphonefan52

    I have the Z Fold4 and I have been enjoying it. It is going to be difficult for me to go back to a regular phone. A lot of people seem to be unsure if a foldable is right for them. I think I understand who foldables are for. If you are someone who uses a tablet a lot more than a phone, a foldable like the Z Fold4 is the perfect device for you. However, if you do not see yourself using a tablet much, than this phone may not be for you.

  5. Kelby Johlke

    I actually switched to iPhone after having the Fold 4 lol after years on Android. Still have the fold and will use it as a tablet for the foreseeable future. The case selection for it is absolutely atrocious. And I can't run around with a $1,900 phone caseless. Can't do it. Bought an iPhone and a Mous case and now no worries lol.

  6. James B

    Social media looks terrible on the Fold 4? I will admit that I quit all social media except Reddit but back when I was still on Twitter and Instagram, I never had issues. (Instagram is fixed with the “Full screen apps” option in OneUI settings.)

  7. Alex Cavallucci

    had it for 2 weeks before returning it. great tablet average phone

  8. Leroy Gannth


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