Gaming Headsets Are in Trouble

Ever wanted to use your Hifi IEMs for gaming? The Kinera Gramr is an earphone cable with an integrated boom mic, which can turn almost any IEM into a proper gaming headset.

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πŸ›’ Moondrop Aria Snow:
πŸ›’ Raptgo Hook-X:
πŸ›’ Simgot EA500:
πŸ›’ Kinera Idun 2.0:
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  1. KevoTrain

    Maybe the kiwi ears cadenza. I got to test the imaging more, though, for comp. fps

  2. IamFrog

    While I understand the hype for IEMs, I still personally think the lack of any pinna interaction kills the immersion. It's still fine for music, however games and movies lose a bit of their impact. But hey, whatever tickles your pickle I guess Β―_(ツ)_/Β―

  3. Puss

    The Tin hifi t3+ is my current go-to for CS at the moment. It has got a flush connection

  4. Edduh Vazer

    Like Crin said the best gaming headphone is a good IEM with a Good and cheap Lapel microphone. So with that get yourself a decent budget IEM with a 10$ lapel and you get yourself one of the best periferal that beat all most all the gaming headset space

  5. Kingtoony

    I am very happy with Dunu Kima for gaming at the moment

  6. Catalyst

    Until they invent cables longer than 1 meter, or wireless IEMs without horrible Bluetooth connection, they're not gonna be a threat to gaming headsets. I use IEMs myself but the short ass cables paired with extension cables annoys me. Hopefully the Logitech G Fits gets released in Europe at some point.

  7. Augusto

    too many cables, i rather just get a regular wireless headset and not having to worry about that

  8. Seb Lidbetter

    My head canon is that my comment about the ethos boom mic from null audio on a different video of yours prompted this one.

    The right connector on my ethos mic looks a bit thinner. The connector type is the same, but on close examination it looks no different in size from the left side. I haven’t, unfortunately, tried my mic with recessed connectors like in the Aria Snow edition.

  9. T M

    So called "gaming headsets" have always been shit and only sold because marketing. They ARE trouble.
    On the audio low and mid end this might be an acceptable solution, on the audio high end I recommend the legendary Crinacle Youtube vid about "gaming headphones" if you really care for stage and imaging. Because for gaming you don't need to.

  10. Nisco Racing

    @techless kz-audio has tons of models for a good price.

  11. Gynt

    Just lap off the extra thickness for compatibility

  12. Josua D

    this trend of manufacturer not making 0.78mm 2 pin that can't go into recessed pins need to stop. fiio has also been doing this dumb thing with their UTWS 3 too, and users are left to find their own jank solution which is MMCX to 0.78mm connectors. Oddly enough, even with loads of complains from everyone, fiio did not fix this issue with their UTWS 5, which I find really odd.

    idk, is that design of 0.78mm connector that can fit into those recessed pins are licensed? To the point companies are skimping on it whenever possible? Because I find it odd that such an obvious design decision got overlooked by multiple companies nowadays.

  13. Josua D

    My IEM suggestion:

    1. Moondrop Blessing 2 / Dusk. Yes, it has one of those slightly recessed 2 pin connector, but it works just fine on my UTWS 3 and 5 which did not have that notch on their 0.78mm connector. The B2/D is definitely a bright tilted set, so for in-game footstep it should work well, and still sound fantastic for music too. But the big nozzle can be fatiguing on your ears really fast if your ear hole isn't big enough.

    2. 7hz/Salnotes Dioko. It is another planar set that have a flush 2 pin connector, and is fairly cheap. But in my case, I need a spinfit tip to make it sound "right" for my ears in comparison to it's FR graph. So yeah, if you find your Dioko sounding odd, try put that Hook X's tips on it, since Hook X's included tips are basically spinfit knockoff.

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