Gaming Laptop vs Desktop – Which Should I Choose? [Simple Guide]

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Should you buy a gaming laptop or a desktop? Which one is worth it?

In this video, we’ll be taking a closer look at the benefits and disadvantages of having a gaming PC and having a gaming laptop, and putting them up against each other to see which one you should choose.

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0:00 Intro
0:36 GPU
2:14 Other Specifications
3:16 Peripherals
5:04 Flexibility: Customizability
5:45 Flexibility: Portability
6:08 Conclusion


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  1. nathroxer

    I just realized that I can't upgrade my laptop gpu 🙁

  2. H Square

    I just got a gaming laptop, as long as it can run decent frames and I'm able to take it from place to place I'm fine with it

  3. Shane Mouton

    comparing the graphics card prices alone to the laptop is comparable these days. the rtx 2070 for example is 700 bucks from the manufacturer, a laptop with that inside (albeit a slightly lower speced mobile version) along with a similar screen, computer tower to build in, mother board, ram, hdd and other items exceeds the price of the laptop AND i dont have to build it… Doing build cost side by side with identical components is putting the gaming laptop back on top these days it seems

  4. Darren Julian

    I prefer laptop because if i bought desktop my table will have no more space, i had to put the casing at the bottom which is gonna be annoying, gotta have to open closed the casing just for cleaning the inside component, it will be hard for me to clean up my table, it will be hard to mop the floor because the casing is in the way, plus the most annoying is the cable that could get slipped off.

  5. Precursor

    The only reason why i have a gaming laptop is mostly because of being lazy of getting out of bed or traveling since I'm mostly a console gamer.

  6. Wyldonkey

    I’ve got a question I hope someone can answer. So all my friends have PCs for the most part or some kind of good computer that can run Steam allow them to play games smoothly. I’m sorta broke rn from summer school but getting a job and apparently making money off of my grades soon (whatever that’s supposed to mean.) Anyway, I had a few questions that might help me make a decision. From what I’ve seen, laptops seem to be a bit cheaper… is this true? I’m not looking for anything fancy, just something that’s capable of running Steam and Discord that will allow me to play with my friends for a few years until I can build up the money to buy something better. So yeah I guess my question is are laptops cheaper, would that be the right option for me, and any recommendations would be fantastic. Thank you! 🙂

  7. ok

    I use desktop but laptops are better for school and sometimes gaming

  8. That green Guy

    But don't forget that the laptop comes with, let's say monitor, the keyboard, and… *the mouse*, so imagine you want to have a 600 dollar pc and 200 dollars on preriferalls, if you buy a 600 dollars laptop it's obviously going to be worse than the desktop. But if you buy an 800 dollar laptop it can compare a bit to the desktop, if you choose the right option

  9. Neo

    I am gonna buy a laptop anyways but I am just trying to see what I am missing

  10. Ozlyx

    Ok so should I buy laptop or desktop? Help me out bois

  11. Ocean Man

    Why do you need a pc or a laptop i have my 3ds thank you very much

  12. Nathan L

    You should if also talked about storage on hard drives

  13. Katerin Orellana

    I don’t know what to chose. I just want to play the sims and planet zoo. But I have had laptops before and the game was laggy or not high resolution.

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  15. Demented

    imagine paying 1500$+ for a laptop that runs as good as a 300$ desktop lol

  16. dubbyfn

    Gaming PCs are bad especially cyber powers they don’t connect to the monitors

  17. Yen Nguyen

    I’m only getting a gaming laptop Bc I’m just starting to game. I don’t know much about gaming and stuff like that to get a gaming pc

  18. Garrett Benton

    Despite the low performance/cost ratio, I'm sticking to laptops. I really prefer sitting from my bed, and I have a stand that keeps the device elevated. Really can't imagine gaming at a desk for more than a few hours in my cold room. Portability also is key since I use my laptop for school and work.

  19. Beau_gaming

    when I got my laptop I thought they sucked cause u had to use touchpad only so I played game like cs go and cod with only trackpad and still won games idk how

  20. Kozume kenma

    This video is basically a hate video on laptops not like a review or something •_•

  21. Goku Black

    Thanks for letting me know after buying a 2000 dollar laptop that can run 144hz on low settings

  22. I move around a lot because of work, a gaming pc can be cool to have but a gaming laptop suits my life better. Besides I don't need no external gpu to game. Mine runs all games really well, given that some games cannot perform with the highest settings, but when it comes to it I just wanna have fun. I learned to fix it, take care of it and even upgrade it a little. Maybe someday when I stop moving around I will build a pc. Right now a laptop is the best for me and I am great with it.

  23. SirShark

    When you want a PC but you are broke as hell

  24. Depends cause if you move alot laptop is better choice but if you dont move houses pc is better

  25. Mr Cheese YT

    Stop talking about bad keyboard and touchpad. Connect the freaking laptop to a monitor and connect mechanical keyboard and mouse

  26. henlo

    The only reason people choose laptop is their portability, in 5-7 years, you'll be surprised how much you will move around due to work, school, economy,family,etc.., it's easier with laptop unless you're already stable with your life

  27. Obviously I don't care about the portability at all, because I don't go anywhere. Screen size is the priority here.

  28. T Talah

    I used to play games on laptop , but it is not comfortable at all . You will feel the heat and fan noise , these are the main problem with laptop .

  29. SeanGamingYT

    Ye ye i will keep
    On dreaming on getting one. 20 fps gang, are u here??

  30. I already have a gaming laptop but I am connecting it to a desktop plus my own mouse and keyboard. My parents are divorced so when I go to my mum's, I will just bring my laptop, mouse and keyboard.

    My laptop runs smoothly most of the time, it's just when I play games like Fortnite on it, my ping can get super high.

    Overall, I think that it is good and it's very portable but I do wish I had a desktop.

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