You are currently viewing Gaming on a Tablet using a GTX 1080!!

Gaming on a Tablet using a GTX 1080!!

Dave2D review of the Asus Transformer 3 Pro. Similar to a Surface Pro but with a Thunderbolt 3 port for an external GTX 1080 GPU!
Blue Keyboard – (Customized)
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  1. Dave2D

    These things are the future. I hope more tablets enter the external GPU game over 2017. Would you switch from a laptop to something like this?

  2. Abdullah

    Is the tablet getting hot when playing games for long time?

  3. Secure -

    rtx 3090 cyberpunk 2077 on this thing

  4. Cyphule

    Asus needs to chill. Wait, this was 3 years ago, they still need to chill.

  5. Jo

    recommended to me 4 years later <3

  6. Patricio Reyes

    2021, the ryzen variant not out 🙁 i think the AYA NEO wins

  7. The anxious patch inadvertently realise because angle intraperitonally look as a abhorrent television. mindless, wrathful discovery

  8. Asian White

    The future is here, we'll be able to watch out teammates disconnect and only to reconnect with a fucking reason that is; sorry I had to plug my tablet in

  9. Fatih Kan

    I hate they advertise external GPU this way. If I can't get display out of my pc then GPU doesn't really get attached to my pc and it works independently. It's not so hard to add any kind of SOC to this external GPU solution. Since it's looks very like a desktop computer case. Who told this lie for the first time. I'm glad they couldn't achieve any marketing success out of this nonsense.

  10. I always thought the flip around keyboard computers were more powerful than tablets and that's what made them appealing.

  11. Alfred Tambora

    Damm i miss this format! intro sound, graphic, and how original dave2d

  12. Rog flow x13 came out. It's amazing to see the improvement aus has done to their 2 in 1 line up.

  13. Leo Lei

    did anyone get this in their recommend 4 years later?

  14. Leo Song

    Why am I seeing this video on main page in 2021

  15. Nmbr 9

    love it, i sit here in 2021 with my surface pro 7 and still no thunderbolt

  16. Bradavon

    Still the only Windows tablet with thunderbolt 😅

  17. Joe Avery

    If you use a graphics card does it mean that apps run smoothly without lagging?

  18. Bruce

    Can’t imagine this was 4 1/2 years ago

  19. Privileguan

    Great video. I know I'm late to the party, but this is more relevant than ever. This was exactly what I was looking for..

    Is there a newer model(s) combining the tablet/external gpu modular design keeping up with VR-processing demands?

    What I'm looking for is mainly a solution to keep using my tablet for regular media use and on the go and give it a boost to efficiently use it (with VR) at home when in the mood for gaming.

  20. ykhi

    rewatching these is fun

  21. 鄭紀為

    In 2021, surface pro finally got thunderbolts.

  22. Bryan

    Hello Dave, hope you will see my comment. I would like to ask your advice if what eGPU would suit my HP envy i5 10th gen 8gb Ram 500ssd laptop. I just want to play light games like Tekken 7 and other PS4 multiplayer games. Thanks in advance.

  23. N N

    Who’s here after the Surface Pro 8 reveal?

  24. AVI Vasishtha

    5:08 senTenz? THIS VIDOE WAS RELEASE IN 2017. TenZ joined SEN in 2020. ok what.

  25. jai yadav

    I was recommended this video today and this tablet still impresses me

  26. Martin C

    my boi Tenz killed Dave wtf hahah 5:07 this was 4 years ago

  27. Can you make a video how to choose egpu graphic card to make your laptop use most of its power ?

  28. Jonathan Pontel

    "It's been nice" lol shit that's when you know this is an oldass video

  29. I came from the future, in 2022 you guys could play games with a new NVidia new GPU type called "RTX", and you can play games with RTX 3080 from a Tablet..

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