Gaming on the MSI Claw Handheld

Thanks to MSI for Partnering with Unbox Therapy on this video. #msiclaw #handheldgaming #gamingpc #ces2024 #msihandheld #msi

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  1. @reddodge4423

    So I have a ROG ally and this thing looks exactly the same, just black.

  2. Msi claw has a great design, that being said that intel chip is not optimized for efficiency it performs worse than the z1 extreme across the board even at much higher wattage and a lot of games just won't run right

  3. @TheHopelessGeek

    Woah, nice editing. That's my main takeaway from this. I loved how you made those speaker grills glow πŸ˜…

  4. @KhalidTheSequel

    The MSI Claw-my-eyes out more like it…
    800 dollars for a device that simply cannot compete.

  5. @Adam-M1

    Chick with no social media?! Damn what a dime.

  6. @TMOwen

    120 Hertz on the refresh rate of the screen…not 120fps.

  7. @gentlewolf

    Quality way to actively throw hard earned cash in the trash in a flash.

  8. @Selene-ff4yp

    This conversation is a reminder of the importance of curiosity and lifelong learning. It's a journey worth embarking on.😘

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