Gaming PC RAM Explained


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  1. Firas

    Can you explain dual channel?

  2. Coffe_83

    Do I need faster ram than ddr4 3600 for i5 12400

  3. Idan

    What gpu to combine with the ryzan 5 5500

  4. 11bravoNRD

    Best explanation I got is that your storage (ssd/hdd) is the filing cabinet in your office, your RAM is the size of your desk. You're able to quickly get the files from your desk and have more available the bigger your desk, it's faster than having to get up each time and go to the filing cabinet

  5. Uvesh8953

    I have upgraded from 16 to 32 of my 3200 MHz RAM now my Ryzen 5700G gives best FPS & graphics with smooth Play.

  6. Airex

    Bro i have 475 gb 💀💀

  7. Asghaad

    8 GB is fine, 16 GB is optimum 32 is pointless overkill …

  8. Thuls Adoon

    For someone who's been building his own machines for the past 30 years my answer to the age old question of "how much ram do you need?" will always be "you can never have enough ram". If you have the budget max out the ram your motherboard can handle.

  9. Sweetz

    my school laptop has 4 gigs and runs minecraft pirated on 240 with a monitor 💀💀💀

  10. King puro

    That fury ram add another r to the fury ram and see what you get uwu

  11. Caleb Miller

    if spending about $2200 on a 7900xtx and 7800x3d build should i get 32 or 64 gb

  12. Bo Carlsson

    My dad explained RAM like a desk. You put everything you are currently using on the desk. The bigger the desk the more things you can have out at the same time without putting stuff back in your drawers.

  13. Kay

    I remember when having 1GB RAM was beast

  14. JZR-Snickers

    I buyed me 64gb of vageance white rgb DDR4 RAM, it’s amazing and I can play while watching and streaming something and still used only about 25-36% of my ram.

  15. Kyle's abode

    As a computer builder, I have often provided suggestions to others that the best improvement (both less expensive, and for performance) for a PC is to improve RAM;
    Firstly you should have 16GB of RAM for almost all use-cases with conventional versions of Windows.
    And increasing it beyond this substantially increases PC capacities as well, to operate applications and games.
    Linux, however, can provide a far more efficient use of resources.

  16. FP123

    hey Zack are you aware that a channel named "RBN Hardware" is continiously stealing your contents ?

  17. Devioun

    Me with 8 gigs of ram and record/stream every now and then: 👀

  18. Uldan1988

    I remember time when 16MB and 32MB were in this situation ..smh

  19. Soy David

    RAM right now is ridiculously cheap, you could get 32 GB of decent DDR5 speed for just 100 bucks and thats for DDR5, now imagine DDR4 right now 🗿

  20. Cwazy _Colours

    I was playing games that required 24 gb on 8 gb for FOUR YEARS 😅

  21. LouieAzuetaXD

    My laptop with a 3050ti but has 64GB of ram
    Mu question at the time was why

  22. Jolt

    Ddr4 32gb 4100mhz cl15 gear 1 😎

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