Gaming PCs: Lenovo Ideacentre Y900 + Alienware Area-51

Clarification: The 5820K is an i7. It uses DDR4. I copy paste too much.

A comprehensive look at some pre-built gaming PC’s in 2016

Lenovo Ideacenter Y900 –
Alienware Area 51 –

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  1. MB22

    Best youtube channel ever!!

  2. Mango

    Where are you gonna place external hard-drives on the Area-51 PC? It'll just slide off.. And, yes I have thought about usb extenders, but that's something you don't need to buy if you have a traditional case..

  3. Yash Nath

    oi oi oi can pls replace water cooling put nitrogen no t water pls and show

  4. WAGYU

    Lol wot why is it so expensive I made my own pc for 1300

    i7 7800
    Gtx 1050ti
    1tbhard drive
    8gb ram
    And some other shit

  5. Adventure Guy

    Wow you actually sort of scared me with the whole "not enough time to build a PC once you get older". Makes appreciating how I have the time and resources to build a PC much more than before.

  6. Abir Kazi

    the y900 from lenovo is a much better value for money.

  7. North

    I just want that case for the Area 51 my dude

  8. Master Ed

    Do you have to use water cooling for area 51. And if you do can you use tap water?

  9. Ozev

    im 19 and i buy pre build pc 😀

  10. FBI

    Do you keep these laptops, or just review them?
    Huge fan and keep up the excellent content. Because if you were
    A gaming computer you would be the worlds best.

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