Ghostwire: Tokyo – Spider's Thread Update Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

Return to Tokyo and explore a supernatural city teeming with yokai, evil spirits, myths and urban legends in Ghostwire: Tokyo’s new Spider’s Thread update.

Available NOW for PlayStation 5, this free update for Ghostwire: Tokyo features new enemies, combat skills, areas to explore, side missions, extended story cinematics, Photo Mode enhancements and more!

ESRB RATING: Teen with Violence and Language

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  1. Rocco Montesano

    Wait can you play this game in dub? I’ve been having to read the subs this whole time

  2. Pete Zajot

    Hope you guys support the title so Hi-Fi Rush 2 and The Evil Within 3 can be made exclusively for Xbox. 😎

  3. Jose Singh

    Love this game hope it gets lots of sequels. It’s not everyday we get a Japanese themed super powered horror game

  4. EdwardPlaysstuff

    Just started playing it on Xbox gamepass and I absolutely love the game so far it's totally different to what I normally play

  5. Gaymer Cody

    Why couldn't this have released with the base game? 😢❤

  6. Alton kilbourn

    People who have xbox game pass can play ghostwire tokyo for free

  7. Toma Tom

    Oh wow, new collectibles 🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. These supposed to be in the main game, trailer announcements showed us some of those characters

  9. The difficulty spike is crazy for spiders thread! I love it! Finally Ghostwire Tokyo showing it’s true difficulty colors, gameplay is now exhilarating and fun.

  10. Nethercide

    The gameplay got really bland after a while. Couldnt even finish the game before something better came out

  11. ButteredToast

    this game is so japanese that it feels wrong hearing them speak english

  12. Ahsan K.

    Crazy how much changes they made to the game, a dodge mechanic was definitely needed.

  13. Prisonedlime

    I haven't beaten the game I started a few days ago because of playstation premium but wow I was not expecting this

  14. arnauabello

    Ouhh, this gane would be a blast on psvr2! Sony ,please make it happen!

  15. EJT

    Only spider I wanna see on this channel is Spider Man 2 😂

  16. J

    Would like to see this on PSVR2

  17. Nice update. Almost platinum the game. Just need 5k more spirits from hyakki yako and I'm gonna play this mode later😊

  18. JampyPlays

    I just started this game and they release and update sick man 😊

  19. So basically they gave us a game that was 75% complete in 2022 then finally released the finished product through update 6 months later…. ok…

  20. Matteo Zocchi

    So, you're releasing a free update ONLY for PS5 because now the game is also on Game Pass? Too bad that the game is poorly optimized on console…
    This time I'm gonna enjoy it on PC Xbox Game Pass

  21. Beadelf 81

    so stuck trying to find parades to get the last souls. hope they fixed the terrible spawn rate of those events. ive spent hours and none have triggered.

  22. Nik Turk

    Might give it a go eventually as it’s a free update but I found the game got boring really quickly and kinda wasted its potential on what felt like a Tokyo tech demo with tagged on combat and way too many collectibles. Not terrible but nothing I’d rave over or recommend …

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