You are currently viewing Gigabyte Sabre 15 Review – The $999 Gaming Laptop That Isn’t Red!

Gigabyte Sabre 15 Review – The $999 Gaming Laptop That Isn’t Red!

Dave2D review of the Gigabyte Saber 15 – A thin gaming laptop starting at $999 with GTX 1050 with RGB lighting
Blue SSD –
Sabre 15 –

Laptop GPU Benchmarks –

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  1. Dave2D

    I'm pretty tired of red gaming laptops. This one was pretty nice!
    There might be a laptop giveaway soon. I dunno. Maybe. If this video gets 999999999999 likes.

  2. Dreamy

    Thank you 🙏 Finally someone understands that blue on a gaming pc is so much better and red is soooooo annoying

  3. Genos27

    is there a non red,under 1500$,maybe just all black,and a laptop that doesnt over heat too much
    of ther is please tell me…

  4. TReX Online

    that amazon link does not redirect to the specific laptop that you are reviewing. Can you please give a perfect link to buy ?

  5. Archangel

    Hey dave im looking for one of this gigabyte sabre 15 , but i have one question , will i lose the warranty if i upgrade it with SSD?

  6. Huw Kemp

    What software did you get for the rgb lighting? Mine looks alot different and it doesnt work.


    Hey bro, is that Toronto!! Those are the buildings right by the highway coming into TO right??

  8. Fallus

    Very nice and accurate review, thanks!

  9. Asavei Adrian

    Dual Storage System means you can put 2 hdd`s in ride mode inside?

  10. Samuel Makhoba

    Had this a few months now, and it's treating me well.
    I love it.

  11. This is the same as a custom built gaming laptop from Cyberpower PC. Literally the only difference is the logo on the back and the typeface on the keyboard.

    Edit: the Cyberpower PC one has two heat pipes for both CPU and GPU

  12. Ok quick question I'm going to varsity in a year should I get this or the lenovo legion y530?

  13. mmm mmm

    Откровенно слабый во всех отношениях ноутбук с претензией на игровой.
    Самый хлипкий корпус ( по-моему безымянные модели за 300$ дадут ему фору)
    Очень тусклый экран, который будет темным даже ночью.
    Система охлаждения наверно из прошлого десятилетия, ноутбук помню 2007 года, топовый Асус был с однотрубчатым охладителем.
    Звук с того же ноутбука.
    Короче все чего не коснись, сделано кое как из самого дешового. И за это просят 1000+, ну у нас будет 1200+
    Даже не смотрите в сторону gigabyte , не умеют они делать ноутбуки.

  14. El Noruego

    Please turn off translation titles, the norwegian one became so fucking retarded

  15. TheAncient1

    This laptop sells under the name Metabox in Australia.
    Same laptop

  16. Muqaffa

    Hey, I have this laptop but when I checked the drives, they're all HDD, no SSD. Am I missing something?

  17. darthmon26

    Manufacturers please take notes STOP WITH THE RED ACCENT, thank you gigabyte!

  18. Boyan Silyavski

    FYI this is re-branded laptop based on Clevo n850hk1. I have it in front of me as Thunderobot ST plus. There are also other variants. It is at the moment February 2019 the greatest laptop deal in Europe. Bought mine for 700eur. Except for the slightly bulgy keyboard all else is quite acceptable. The screen is bright enough for me to lower it at 75% brightness and 45% at night. There is no other laptop in that price range with 1050ti, IPS screen, 1 8gb memory stick and one free, 256gb+1tb and 1 nvme slot more free and not to throttle under load.
    if same combo and 1060+16gb memory is desired the cheapest one is around 1200 euros. MSI GP73 Leopard 8RE-658XES . But 1200-700=500 euros more, do you really need that machine?
    all else in between either is not IPS, either throttles, or is more expensive. I should have become a reviewer, lol

  19. Kage Williams

    Would this be good for someone looking to edit high definition video and photography?

  20. Abdul Hadi G

    Thank you, I've been looking review of this laptop and glad to found your video. Anyway I like most of your reviews, informative, clear and simple. especially when you suggest not to buy Acer Nitro 5 AN515 (that I want to buy actually but thinking again after I watched your review).

  21. remynable

    Do you know how we can change the keyboard color??

  22. Marten Männa

    Well, I can buy it for 800$, but I'm not a gamer. Worth it?

  23. Azri Azhari

    I don't like red keyboard backlighting nor blue. It has to be white if the keyboard backlight is not configurable.

  24. Johnny Appleseed

    WTH???…….. this laptop is an exact copy of the original Originpc laptop EON-15 S…… just the logo is changed ……. origin is a proper gaming computers company.

  25. Salah Latif

    I'm trying to sell the one I have. Who wants to buy a used one? let me know

  26. IT Prog

    3 year ago.. i watch this and i buy that laptop.. overall good until now

  27. blewyd

    Not sure about the cooling though.

  28. Wei Jie

    Dave Lee, what is the fan configuration should I put such that the laptop won’t spoil?

  29. Livin' to Learn

    I'm starting to think you can hand this guy a soggy rectangle of cardboard that isn't red and he'll say it's a worth-it laptop…

  30. Villanuevai3

    I love the screen its pretty beautiful炒 what i dislike is the camera i mean it does the job but the place is pretty weird well i didn't use it that much but still it pretty good and i like the charger it charges the laptop pretty fast and i love that it doesn't heat up like most of the laptops i used before and i love the performance it can smoothly run 60 fps on any game easily i am you should get this laptop its amazing.

  31. vtrL

    still ok in 2020 anyone?

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