You are currently viewing GitHub Basics Tutorial – How to Use GitHub

GitHub Basics Tutorial – How to Use GitHub

Learn the basics of how to use GitHub. This video covers:
⌨️ (00:00) Part 1: Creating a new repository and adding files.
⌨️ (15:21) Part 2: What branches are and how to create them.
⌨️ (23:12) Part 3: Making, reviewing, and merging pull requests.

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This Post Has 34 Comments

  1. Tiffany

    Thanks for posting! I hope you all find it helpful!

  2. Jessica Zhong

    no wonder something are not working for me because I'm using windows….not just commands though..thanks anyway 😉

  3. malkia Kay

    I was having trouble. I have window and when I try to add my comment when I try to commit to git I get an error message saying the words I used did not match any files known to git. what am I doing wrong

  4. malkia Kay

    Thank you so much i got stuck but i found my way

  5. Tesfaye atomsa

    Thank you. It really help me to understand the concept of git hub. good Job !!!

  6. Second& Half

    mam i am in git and github but cant get the fork option

  7. MajorSquiggles

    This was entirely unhelpful. It's more of a narration of what she's doing but not explaining why or what she's doing.

  8. 5 Daydreams

    Am I the only one who struggled a bit with the volume?
    That aside, great job!

  9. Saakshi Narula

    Tiffany thank you so much for making this ! Loved you style and speed of explaining

  10. Sterling Daniels

    Hi. I know this video is old but I'm wondering if anyone can help me conceptually. I'm writing HTML files on my computer in Dreamweaver. I've created a repository and I've cloned it. Now here's where I'm lost. I don't see updates to my HTML anywhere. What is a comit? You did a commit but never said what it was. You used Terminal to write a readme but never said where the readme file was. I'm sure everyone who is using Git isn't writing in Terminal. What if I'm using BBEdit or some other editor, I certainly can't type terminal commands. I understand what Git is supposed to do for me much better thanks to this video, but for newbies, there still a lot not being explained.

  11. 331SVTCobra

    I've used many configuration control tools for thirty years, they are all intuitive and took ten minutes to figure out. RCS, CVS, Sourcesafe even. Github just sucks. I have no idea why anyone, let alone everyone, has an affinity for this steaming pile of garbage.

  12. Right onto what is needed to start with git, very useful, keep up your good work , thank you.

  13. Ok well I don't use command lines and just wanted to post a website to show someone and this was so unhelpful to me……………..

  14. Nathan Colburn

    At 13:00 I kept getting the message “ ! [rejected] error: failed to push some refs to ‘…github’. ” After trying to fix for about an hour I ended up having to use “git push -f origin master”. I hear that is not a good way to do it but it worked. Any tips on how I could fix this issue so I don’t need to force?

  15. skeeterburke

    thank you 🌺 what I'm really here for? Self-taught shitcoder, I want to copy someone's Discord bot code, of course! Lol but not really. Does that make me a plagiarist? By no means! That makes me a fast learner 🤓 I''m sure my fellow noobs know how to give credit where credit is due, RIGHT?????

  16. Lucas Da Silva

    Why you didn't teach the unsolved problem when Git doesn't want to reconnect to the breach again? why Git is lying saying, the branch is up to date but has changes to make?

  17. Ade Sallu

    Thank you so much for posting this. I've been struggling for the past few days to get my work on GitHub and i've finally figured it out with your assistance.

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