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The verdict is in! See what the critics are saying about God of War Ragnarök. Out now on PS4 & PS5: https://play.st/GOWR

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  1. Soulo Dolo

    Lookin at the thumbnail before finishing the game: 😁

    Looking at it after finishing: insert ghost from MW2 meme here

  2. Phillip Collins

    Do not give this game to pc!!! ..it is a core exclusive that is a major reason to buy a PlayStation 4 or 5!! Basic business sense..just like Nintendo would never give mario or Zelda to another platform..it’s a no brainer

  3. Jesse Rivera

    Just platinumed the game earlier today. I really enjoyed it hahaha. Freaking roller coaster ride of emotions!

  4. Predycate v2

    I think I platinumed this in about 3 days after release.

  5. CODEX919

    Tyr as a character was the biggest disappointment of what otherwise is a great game


    My grandfather bought me God's War 1, but he is no longer the one to buy me God's War of Regnarg 🥲

  7. Jack Smith

    Is it just me or is this the most boring game in the world Kratos feel like a 90 year old man that can't walk up the stairs

  8. Bravo Rezende

    GoW Ragnarok can only be contrasted with cinematographic works like A Clockwork Orange (yes, the movie and not the book and there are reasons for that) or books like Bauman's "liquid" series. Ragnarok is sensitive, direct, honest and committed to dialogue with what really matters in human life and our afflictions as a species and wisely takes advantage of the archetype of the gods. A real triumph. A treat not only as a game, but as a complete cultural work.

  9. /Tenshinyan/

    played the whole game and spent the last hour of it crying while i fought the bosses. GG devs

  10. brrrr277

    kratos will never be the same as before 123

  11. Mou

    Why are there africans in a nordic saga ??? Where is the respect for the nordic culture ? 🤔

  12. Uğur

    Not giving answers that they created in previous game(s) Such a masterpiece.

  13. Musti TR

    Thank you guys, thank you Sony and Santa Monica team for this game. Game of the Year 2022 💯

  14. Adi Hakimi

    Duude, this game map is hugeee to explore than previous one

  15. I don't' have play station but I watched 7 hours of cutscenes on YouTube with another 15hours from all other game parts.
    I played 2018 GoW on PS4 and it was amazing tho

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