Going In-Depth with Google Photos: Mastering the Techniques for Expertise

like many people out there I use Google photos as the set it and forget it type app I use it to automatically back up my photos and never really touch it again unless I need to access a specific memory the thing is Google photos offers so much more and as a longtime user with over 177,000 photos I’m getting pretty tired of using the bare minimum and I realize I want to be more of an expert if you feel the same then this video was definitely for you as I share eight incredibly useful features that should help you get the most out of Google photos number one their powerful search engine for our first feature I want to start out with something very useful but often overlooked and that’s Google’s incredibly powerful search engine built right into the experience this becomes really helpful especially if you have a large Library like mine I’m talking over 177,000 photos over an 8-year period to me I think the search engine in Google photos is exactly what I’m looking for to easily find specific photos with vague information as most of us know we can search using basic keywords like Beach dog or birthday party that typically deliver good results thanks to the machine learning algorithm but the search engine can do a lot more than just keywords you can search by recognized faces if they’ve been previously labeled you can search for specific objects like a photo of a dish you took in the past certain scenes like mountains downtown of your city or concerts for example and you can even search for text within an image thanks to their built-in optical character recognition technology on top of that you can also also search by location or specific date range if need be and something I learned very recently is that you can combine multiple Search terms so if you like me you can type something like Jordan at the beach which will show relevant results as you can see I haven’t been to the beach in a while so maybe it’s about time these are just a few examples of what’s capable within the search function of Google photos I’m sure I missed a lot more examples trust me but I think this is an underrated feature that I wish I was using a lot sooner as it’s a great timesaver and is something not very many cloud storage services are able to offer two Magic Eraser magic editor and various AI tools this next feature is more of a reminder than anything else but Google’s Magic Eraser magic editor and their various AI tools are another feature you should be trying out when possible I bring this up because as of April 2024 Magic Eraser plus a handful of additions are rolled out to everyone regardless of if you have a pixel phone or a Google one subscription like you would have needed in the past that means you can access Magic Eraser including its camouflage mode plus its various AI tools like photo unblur portrait blur Sky suggestions HDR effects and much more on devices running Android 8.0 and up iOS devices on version 15 and up and Chromebook plus models running Chrome OS 118 and up there’s also some interesting developments on Magic editor which was previously exclusive to the pixel 8 series as it’s now become available to all pixel devices Samsung devices and possibly other manufacturers as well for those who don’t know magic editor is Google’s easyto use AI power editing tool that lets you move resize or erase parts of a photo kind of like a more advanced version of Magic Eraser like I said this was originally exclusive to the pixel 8 series but now I can use it on my zold 5 my OnePlus 12 or even devices as old as the pixel 6A three Google Lens integration this one I found a new appreciation for recently which is Google Lens integration I think this one is more of a well-known feature but I wish I started using it sooner specifically within Google photos as I can identify pretty much anything which is very useful especially if you have a massive Library spanning over the course of many years I think we all know it’s good at identifying products landmarks plants and allows you to copy text from photos but a lesser known feature is it can give you step-by-step instructions to solve math problems and diagrams via its homework help feature if there’s any students watching the video let me know if you found this feature helpful that said Google Lens as a whole is definitely very underrated and I’ll be going out of my way to use it a lot more often in fact I have found one really good use case for me which is identifying items in old vintage Family Photos by the way I do have a tip on that later on but it’s very interesting because I can get some solid information on items definitely not made anymore and it’s exciting to uncover these pieces of the past four AI generated memories while we’re talking about the more well-known features I did want to quickly mention the AI generated memories feature I know it’s pretty obvious considering there’s a dedicated tab on the main screen but I’ll admit I haven’t used this much until recently if you haven’t checked it out before like me this memories tab uses AI to curate photos from a group of photos taken from a family event trip or based on the people included in those photos it automatically curates photos in a scrapbook like timeline which I’d say has a nice UI and is very userfriendly Google photos uses AI to identify important events like trips holidays and people creating a collection of photos and videos related to a specific moment and there’s an option to create a link so you can share these memories with others or even Port them into Google’s physical scrapbook feature which we will talk about later personally I like that this timeline puts these photos together automatically as you take pictures throughout your day and it’s great for rediscovering those moments you may have forgotten about five video editing adjustments another useful feature that kind of blew me away is Google photos built-in video editor now I know a lot of apps can edit videos but having it right there in Google photos is what makes it so convenient to me I think it’s a Hidden Gem and if you’re a casual user you might not have had the chance to play around with it yet as expected you get the usual trim crop and Export individual frame options but the adjustment menu is what really caught my eye I was impressed because it’s really simple to use and it gives you a deep range of customization there’s about 13 different options you can tweak from contrast to HDR effects to skin tones saturation shadows and many more that can completely change the look of a video and you can tap to hold on that video to see the changes in real time it’s really good for new videos but if you have older clips that you want to touch up being able to do so right from Google photos is a really nice option six the photo scan add-on by Google photos speaking of hidden gems there is a companion app to Google photos called photos scan that is really useful for preserving physical photos like Polaroids or photographic prints lately I’ve been digging through some old family photos and the photos scan app from the Play Store works surprisingly well the app is pretty easy to use only requiring you to snap a photo from a few different angles where the built-in Tech removes glare and stitches those images together for a complete picture within the app there’s the ability to crop and rotate as well where the final product will be automatically uploaded to Google photos where you can use a combination of the editing tools we talked about earlier to touch things up as a whole it’s a seamless convenient and No Nonsense way to bring your physical photos into the digital side of things and it’s a valuable tool to say the least seven automatic album sharing getting close to the end of this video here let’s talk about a smaller maybe lesser known feature where you can create a shared album you can access this via the share logo in the top right of Google photos where you’re offered to create a title create a description and add that person or pet that you would like to focus the album on once that’s done you can create a link to share the album as you see fit it’s great because you can enable automatic updates for the album which means whenever Google’s facial recognition ition identifies said person or pet those photos will be automatically added I wouldn’t say this is a 100% must-use feature but if you’re part of a family this is a no-brainer to keep up on vacations family events pet photos or special occasions eight physical scrapbook prints for our last feature I want to talk about physical scrapbook prints right from Google photos as a disclaimer the one I’m showing you is really old so I don’t need any comments about it but I did want to show you because I do find this to be a helpful under feature in my opinion the strongest aspect is how easy it is to put together it’s a service built right into the Google photos experience where you can easily select from your library of photos customize the book and have a highquality printed copy delivered to your door the book themselves are wellmade at least the hard cover version that I have here with crisp vibrant prints and a small amount of customization for different styles and sizes Google photos even offers curated suggestions based on themes or specific trips making it a good starting point for a well thought out gift men there is no sugar coding at here if you use Google photos and you don’t know what to get your mom spouse or girlfriend for a special occasion this is the easiest low effort high impact gift you can get they look great it’s beyond convenient and quite affordable so if you don’t know what to get at least start here and then come back leave a comment and thank me later at the end of the day Google photos is definitely a lot more capable than I was giving a credit for over the years and I hope after watching this video you feel the same for a free service there is a surprising amount of depth and compared to other cloud storage Services I find Google photos has the best mix of features convenience and capability and now that I’m an expert I feel I can maximize my usage here if there’s any feature in this video that you didn’t know about or realize you should have been using way more often leave a comment below and let me know what’s impacted you the most what caught your attention and what made you realize you’re not quite the expert you thought you were myself and the Android Community would love to know in the meantime my friends I’m getting out of here before I do huge shout out to our channel members on screen right now I know I say it often but it’s true Damen and I are working so hard to deliver the best most helpful Android content on the platform and the support of our channel members helps us reach that goal simply put we love you guys and thank you so much for supporting our journey with that said I’m getting out of here as there’s always more work to do this has been Jordan Floyd with 95 Google thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one [Music]

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  1. @upen3877

    When will the print store feature come to India?

  2. The recognised face (People) section is terrible in Google photos. I hope they can fix it as soon as possible.

  3. @johnswift376

    Facial recognition is terrible! It constantly misidentifies people, no matter how many times I tell it otherwise. Apple's people search is far better. The app is slow to update new photos and often freezes. It has done this on every phone I have ever owned. It is far from an impressive app, just good for storage but not much else.

  4. Searching for recognised faces doesn't work with identical twins very well, guess I'll continue doing it yhe old way with albums lol

  5. @gr8bkset-524

    Google Photo needs an AI function that goes through your photos and identifies similar looking ones and helps you keep the best ones. that 17k photos could end up as 5k and save Google a ton of storage.

  6. @aw4873

    One more feature : Go to search, you will see a Map under Places, Open it and you will get the heat map of where you have taken photos in the world.

  7. @colour3340

    Album creation is buggy. It won't automatically add all relevant photos to newly created albums.

  8. @majtechtings

    My preferred photos app. I don't touch one plus nor Samsung's gallery apps. Nope. Google photos. So many features and the 2nd best photo editing app aside from Lightroom…ESPECIALLY with a pixel.

  9. @brando3424

    4:31 AI generated memories is great until it reminds you of a breakup

  10. @H4aK3R

    Please upload more videos for about pixel and android

  11. watching this on the Nothing Phone 1 where we're basically forced to use google photos

  12. @yanik.ste13

    What do you use as your gallery of not Google photos while having a pixel phone? I thought, that's pretty much the only option.

  13. @makwikus

    3:37 Is that the Essential P1 in the background?? Cool! …but also yikes, I think.

  14. @orian-x

    I use google lens a lot. Since it was announced a few years ago

  15. @BrianCupp

    Still waiting on frame by frame preview for videos like iOS. This continues to be the 1 feature that iOS has that I can't believe still isn't available on Android. Even when taking a Slow Motion video, the preview isn't that great.

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