Google Home Mini VS Amazon Echo Dot – Who gets your 50 dollars?

Google Home Mini goes up against the Amazon Echo Dot for control of the ultimate smart home.
Amazon Echo Dot –
Google Home Mini –

Which product is better? You can look forward to Google Assistant, Chromecast, streaming, movies, music & much more. The battle between the Google Home and Amazon Echo will define the future of smart home technology.You can expect Android and Apple wanting a piece of this pie.

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  1. Dave2D

    It's about time google got into the $50 smart assistant game. Thanks for watching!

  2. William Chappel

    Dave you just had to say hey Google and set off my Google assistant.

  3. meelz

    I'm looking for using one of these as an assistant and as room automation, the problem is that that's a strong point respectively for each different one? Any suggestions?

  4. ViggoLaugeLIVE

    My google home called my mom… Omfg dude.. Bleep it out next time xD

  5. moofymoo

    In capitalism you can choose which device government will use to spy on you, but you have to pay $50 for that.

  6. Vijay G

    Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart speaker with Alexa..

    Deals in Amazon –

    In US – Buy 1 at 39.99 or Buy 3 and save 80 dollars with Final Price at 69.97

    In UK – Buy 1 and Get 20 pounds discount with Final Price at 29.99

  7. OGLoko

    Great video bro. Thank you for this.

  8. Gerardo042196

    If you never bought Amazon music unlimited and have prime, RIGHT NOW you can get echo dot for $10

  9. 1234MC

    Google has a crush on Siri…

  10. The Alexa Girl

    I reprogrammed my alexa to do some badass stuff 😎 checkout my channel

  11. Josiah Phillips

    Apparently this was the first video I have ever liked on this account

  12. Oliver Smith

    I would still choose the Amazon Echo Dot any day just because it is extremely affordable and doesn't lack in offering everything we could ask of a home assistant device. Great performance on Mediatek's part as well

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