Google Pixel 2 XL + PixelBook – First Impressions!

Review coming soon but these are my initial thoughts on the new Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixelbook and Google Home Mini/Max!
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  1. Dave2D

    Really excited about the Pixel XL. It looks so solid. Thanks for watching!

  2. Ashin Iqbal

    Hey , I'm from India and I'm a great fan og your videos . And brother please say that which animation software or video editor you use for your video ?

  3. Erik K

    I just left a Verizon store. The Pixel 2 looks dated, like an iPhone 7 with big speaker grills on top & bottom. The Pixel 2 XL is very nice and the screen looks amazing. If I liked larger phones, I’d totally order it.

  4. Sameer

    Suggest me a best mobile to buy pls

  5. zhan yu han

    like i play phone on the bed. I don't think AR have practical application

  6. MCK526

    Hey dave where can i get that wallpaper in the tv? thanks i love your videos!

  7. Fast Belka

    Why would you buy a $1000 chromebook? Because you would spend $1000 on a smartphone.

  8. Oscar Castro

    Important reason as to why I'm keeping my Pixel….

    Headphone Jack

  9. Luigi

    yeh but you need to get some sample device to review. :S You are in my same position, but this is your work 🙁

  10. Tiparium

    I just ordered one of these, and I'm looking forward to it, but I still just don't understand the logic behind removing the headphone jack. That seems so backwards after the treatment they gave Apple last year.

  11. Deep Mehta

    Hey Dave Lee, can you have a seperate review on pixelbook? I'm confused between MacBook pro toucbar or Google pixelbook? Please make a review asap

  12. sour grapes

    "or an older MacBook" You're a savage, Dave hahaha

  13. Marcus Bakken

    log independent seven management indicator object hi author existing information operator crack habitat statistics.

  14. Brody Pearson

    Credit tuck handle previously picture represent learn sharply range restrict virus.

  15. wu xbl

    peep the culpeper minutemen flag

  16. Ely Marshall

    Screw that,my old 2015 $45 Sony e2105 had great AR.and my Samsung s8 dosent have it=(

  17. Sergio Martin

    The AR thing is not a turn on, you have it on snapchat and it is cool but it will not be a factor for me deciding between a galaxy s8+ or a pixel 2 xl

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