Google Pixel 7 Pro Longterm Review: It's Everything We All Wanted!

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  1. The 6ix Gun

    Did you say you get 10-12 hours of screen on time? What?

  2. Nedlius

    if flagship pixels still had headphone jacks it would be such an easy buy for me

  3. Antonio

    My friend here says you're Irish, I think you're American, care to settle our disagreement?

  4. Bram van Dongen

    I'm not the biggest photographer but those astro pics are just incredible.

  5. Jeff Wayne

    I really love the look and features, but it's just too big for me. Plus I also just got a 6a a couple months ago, which I really like.

  6. Reaper

    I have the pixel 4 xl. It's been a great phone so far. But this may be my next upgrade as well .

  7. GamingwarzLA

    Does anyone know if this is a goodbye versus iPhone 13 line up or the 14 line up ?

  8. Larry Williams

    I'm debating if I should get this or the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, they're both great upgrades but I'm so indecisive.

  9. Liam Regan

    I have a 13 Pro so I have to stop myself from watching these cause then I wanna upgrade at an unreasonable interval

  10. Guest

    Ngl, The pixel 7 design is pretty good, but I'd still buy the pixel 6, just because of that camera bumb, it looks more like a modern phone.

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