Google's Zip Domains Are WORSE Than I Thought

There’s no way they thought this through…

My Previous Video About Zip Domains:

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▼ Time Stamps: ▼
0:00 – What’s Going On?
0:31 – Recap: The Other Problem
1:13 – Auto-Converted Links
2:36 – A Disaster Waiting to Happen
4:06 – Cause of Confusion
5:44 – Why Was This Allowed?
6:40 – A Counter Argument
7:37 – What’s To Be Done?
8:10 – Not Just .Zip
8:28 – Blocking All .Zip TLDs

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  1. WinDestruct

    Ah yes, make a brand new domain that is conflicting a known file extension. Nothing bad will be done at all.

  2. SeanSMX

    I completely forgot about ICANN allowing or denying requests to make new TLDs. That response by them is horrifically stupid. I can't believe not only Google but ICANN too are this idiotic.

  3. Hamguy Bacon

    Google needs to make this a .ezip
    they are malicious and knew what they were doing.

  4. Rob Adams

    Up next arc, zoo, lha, lzh, taz, tgz, 7z, gz any more???

  5. Zuriki

    We already internally banned .zip domains at our company. At present there is basically no legitimate users of this domain and heavy malicious use so why would we bother? We treat it the same as the various explicit adult content domains.

  6. LuckyStone888

    Thank you so much, you have created so much helpful information, you should be an advisor or even run Google. I really wish you were wearing a tie for these videos. It is crazy how stupid Google is and how unhelpful YouTube was with the SCAMMER "Contest winner" bots.

  7. ProductBasement

    "No one puts a file name in the address bar"? Has this person never viewed a PDF or local HTML file in Chrome?

  8. Abstricted

    Google gets ad money from scammers promoting scam sites as top results. This zip thing might be intentional..

  9. blargg

    I often type filenames into the address bar when trying to find old firmware etc. where the original isn't there.

  10. Asid's Tech Tips

    I have it *.Zip blocklisted org wide on our network. and all our employees have been alerted to its mis use so that they can apply their own caution in the private lives as well. our service providers and external contacts have been told to send their compressed files with an alternative format like .rar

  11. ItsMeHere

    Watch that old comment talking about the zip bomb get deleted or the user banned by YouTube because they are "Linking" to a malicious website when google themselves are the reason it is now malicious lol.

  12. Think Lame

    It amazing how a multi-billion dollars company can make a "mistake" like this

  13. Jacobus Coetzee

    I added the top level domain (.zip) to my blacklist on pi-hole, now it is network wide blocked at my house

  14. Tony Mouannes

    The argument that people don't type file names in the browser bar is stupid and wrong. That's exactly how files stored online are accessed.

  15. Jomarcenter-MJM

    If majority of zip domain isnfrom scammer google is accepting laudered money

  16. a564

    Aren't there any authorities to intervene and stop Google?
    Like, can they do whatever they want or what?

  17. burgersnchips

    Next they'll do .pdf because being sensible is clearly not a common sense trait

  18. Steve W

    internet disappears up its own arse again.

  19. Need_Not

    How does google have the power to make .zip domains? I thought it has to be approved by ICANN

  20. American Light

    I am literally logging into my DNS provider and blocking this top level domain.

  21. Dark Wing

    Google may be doing a pretty common pivot. When a company can't satisfy it's greed with legal commerce, it gets very friendly with the illegal stuff. Amazon is pretty much a fence now. And Upwork may have more scams then legit jobs at this point. Too bad that this time it's the company most people rely on to find valid website addresses.

  22. Greg K

    "First, do no harm". Who thought up that dumbass motto?

  23. whosonedphone

    Wow that was great! Thanks! I've always heard people talk breafly about this. I always wanted to look into this matter further. I will spiritually reflect on this matter and allow it reshape my perception of reality.

  24. OrangeC7

    6:20 Isn't this not even true? Like, you can literally use Chrome as a file explorer by typing a path into the search bar. I suppose that's not technically a "file name" but still, just like everything else it's yet another possible layer of confusion that's completely unnecessary.

  25. small qwaro

    everyone blaming google, how about the assholes at ICAAN?! they're responsible

  26. 6:20 I agree this is completely out of touch with how clueless people can be. However…

    I regularly type filenames in to my address bar, because I prefer to view .pdf files in my browser. Obviously, I'm typing "file:///…" (or dragging and dropping), but it's not impossible for this .zip business to get me in trouble. Imagine I knew the filename but I had forgotten the file path. It's not implausible I would have typed "myzip.<zip>", hit enter, gone and got the file path, come back to the 404 error, and pasted the file path in front of "myzip.<zip>". I have a vague feeling I've actually done this in the past. Won't be any more…

  27. Transi

    I work in an it department as Junior sysadmin and understood the risk immediately, did research on how to block it on our devices with intune and scheduled a meeting with my colleague and supervisor. My colleague who is responsible for the whole infrastructure side, basically said “what’s the deal” and “is that really necessary” when I proposed to block those TLD’s in our firewall. This guy blocks any and all advancements because he does not want to do anything related to changes or updates on configs. It is so frustrating seeing someone be in a position to make important changes, yet just don’t, because “I have other stuff to do”

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