You are currently viewing GPU News!!! RDNA 3 Navi 31 Leaks | GPU Pricing | Nvidia Game Bundles | Intel Arc | FSRAA | More!!!

GPU News!!! RDNA 3 Navi 31 Leaks | GPU Pricing | Nvidia Game Bundles | Intel Arc | FSRAA | More!!!

Tons of GPU news!!!

My system:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
Cooler: Arctic ‎Liquid Freezer II 360
Mobo: Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite
RAM: Crucial Ballistix 3600 CL 16
SSD: Samsung 980 Pro
SSD: Samsung 970 Evo Plus
Case: Phanteks Eclipse P600S
PSU: Super Flower Leadex III Gold 850W
GPU: Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB
Monitor: LG C1 48 inch OLED

Camera: Sony a6100
Camera Lens: Sigma 16mm f/1.4
Capture Card: Elgato CamLink 4K ‎
Mic: My actual mic (AT 3035) is out of production but this is a similar mic (AT 2020)
Portable Mic attached to camera: Rode Video Micro
Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen:
Greenscreen: Emart Collapsable

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0:00 Chinese GPU prices well below MSRP
2:07 RX 6700 (non XT) pricing
3:22 First time a Nvidia Founders Edition is priced below MSRP
4:06 EVGA powerlink adapter for crazy GPU power draw
5:20 Nvidia now offering game bundles with some GPUs
6:18 AMD Accidentally confirms some RDNA 3 Navi 31 leaked specs
8:57 AMD encoder catching up to Nvidia and Intel?
10:48 Intel Arc Truck incoming
11:54 Intel Arc A770M and A550M 3Dmark scores leak
12:50 More likely correct Intel Arc performance
14:04 Intel NUC X15 reference laptop specs
14:31 Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake delayed?
14:53 GPD Win Max 2 w/AMD 6800U destroys the Intel 1260p version
16:35 Valve could optimize SteamOS for 3rd party handheld gaming PCs
18:11 Another AMD 6800U Handheld launched starting at $899
18:50 More games getting DLSS support, over 200 supported, AMD FSR supports over 100
19:26 FSR 2.0 tweaked in mod to be “FSRAA”
20:37 DRAM prices to decline
20:50 DirectStorage delayed?
21:23 Most discussed GPUs on Reddit?


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  1. My Plan is waiting for the next gen and go for the 7800xt from the start and hope to get it at MSRP.
    If my plan fails, I‘ll stick with my beautiful 6700xt.

  2. Biker Babaji

    So sad in india cards are selling still over marp by 10-30% they are telling lie

  3. Samay

    always do news, You are the only math teacher that I can listen to without getting bored, LOL, jk, news are good though, seriously

  4. Kinihun25

    I think because of the price drops this will not only affect pricing of next Gen but also segmentation. For example there are a glut of 3090s 6900XTs are the market and used market. Their prices are plummeting and from rumors the 4070 is supposed to be a 3090 and the 7700Xt is supposed to be a 6900XT in power. Rumor was AMD and Nvidia wanted to give those cards just 8GB of Vram for around $500 – $600. Well 3090s and 6900XTs are selling for $800 – $700 Used on ebay now. By this winter they will probably be as low as $400 – $500. Now ask yourself will you buy a 7700XT/ 4070 which has the same performance as the top last Gen with less Vram for $100 more? I wouldn't I believe the 7700XT and 4070 will get a performance bump and extra VRAM now.

  5. SpecialWeek

    I'm wondering when amd would update relive to record hdr

  6. I do wonder how many of those GPU's sold in China are repacked miner cards.

  7. Lincoln Vue

    Rn I see a 3080 12gb Zotac for 799 🤔 on Amazon

  8. Matt

    Next gen GPU pricing and availability will be interesting post crypto crash and 3000 series supply flood. Seems like we might actually see a reversal in trend for pricing.

  9. PLAYER1

    The rumor was Nvidia was going to do a paper launch in Aug., Sept., for Lovelace, but then Crypto crashed, so AIB partners are begging them to hold off until later this year in order to move the remaining stock. Add in used 3000 cards flooding the market as miners jump ship and it's the perfect comeuppance for Ngreedia who prioritized miners and price gouging over gamers the last few years. BTW, I'm not an AMD fanboy. I am a pro-consumer advocate, and the anti-consumer tactics Nvidia used on the GPU market the past three years was egregious and insulting to loyal customers. However, the perfect storm has come where gamers are going to reap the benefits and Nvidia is going to be left trying to move the new 4000 series at inflated prices, most likely (mid-level 60 and 70 cards Q1 2023). Karma can be a cruel, but fair mistress.

  10. Tan Yi Ge Ken

    last i checked taobao, the prices arent this low, but i will keep looking, going for 3070ti/3080 equivalent,6900xt if cheap enough

  11. Jan Beneš

    Where did the "RX 6700 is mining card" came from? It's the same configuration that AMD uses in laptop version of RX 6700M. Don't get me wrong, it's possible that RX 6700 was mining GPU but I haven't seen any proof of that so far.

  12. Keep

    The only thing i can thing of next gen cards is that the 4080 is a absolute joke ^^ 3080 cores vs 3090 and then compared to 4080 to 4090 just shows how they devalue the 80class cards upcoming gen. Nvidia are just scumbags and i wont buy any card from them anymore. I go AMD even if its 2x worse.

  13. vma FarAH

    How it will be a handheld to be with a 4K screen, that can be put inside a VR headset, and has a small projector on top and can use as a 22 inch desktop . Or use VR as a desktop like Google glasses.

  14. Nicane -

    Hi guys. Do you know when is expected from amd to release de 7600 xt and below? Is expected for the q1 2023 maybe?. The 6600 for 250 is tempting but i can wait.

  15. MLZphoto

    the world is gonna dip into a deep recession, so our least problems will be gpu prices..

  16. Skulldugger

    In my humble opinion, nobody need such powerfull GPU like RDN3 and RTX40xx. What the point of having 500 fps in 1080p 300fps in 2k and 140 fps in 4K ??? 60 fps is ok for me.

  17. pf100

    DLSS in 200 games and "apps"? What apps? Also, when I bought 32gb of ram in early 2021 everybody was saying I needed to hurry up and buy it before prices went up, so I got it and then watched prices steadily go down. I spent $200 on 32 gb cl16 ddr4 3600 and now it's $100. Dammit man!

  18. Youtube Vanced

    That trailer is probably 8ft wide like any standard shipping container.
    They are showing a render of 4 rows of PCs.
    That's 2ft per PC which includes desk, chair, walking space between sides.
    Somehow I doubt it.

  19. Joseph Wilson

    Why no Nvidia Bundles when I paid over $600 for my rtx 3070 8gb? I feel cheated. 😪

  20. Steve Peterson

    Too bad that they made way too many cards that only miners and billionaires would buy, because there are no more miners, and not enough billionaires. No-one wants a card over $400.00. This late in the cycle and over inflated MSRP no-one should buy any new GPU unless it is WAY under MSRP. Then after they give up trying to sell those cards, the 40 series comes out where you need to run a personal power line from a nearby power plant just to run it – no-one will want any of those cards either. Nvidia has rough roads ahead.

  21. Gius3pp3K

    Yet in the UK the GPU prices are still overpriced 🤪🤪🤪

  22. Crumpled paper

    Just got a rx 6600 xt for 330 bucks, like 345 after tax. Massive upgrade to my rx 580 and I’m only aware of it thanks to you letting me know amd cards are massively under msrp. Thank you 🙏


    hi , here in Romania are not even close to MSRP ( yet…) and is quite annoying , because I want to upgrade from my gtx 1660 super to RTX 3070 ( but it costs like 700 dollars an RTX and is a lot imo)

  24. How much performce improvement do you think 7600nonxt will have vs rx6600

  25. Matt

    I'd be really surprised if AMD doesn't beat Nvidia this time around in rasterization, power efficiency and price to performance… And also get pretty close to DLSS and RTX performance. Excited. Good timing for GPU demand to crash… Now just need an EVGA for AMD.

  26. SpaceDust97

    Daniel, your channel is the best source right now for covering this sort of news, with no bias that I can sense, and you are keeping us informed in many ways, such as pricing of GPUs, news on upcoming GPUs, and your benchmarks. Awesome work! keep up the great work!

  27. s c

    looking for a 3080/6800 xt level perf don't care about ray tracing for 400 depending on features. I'm pretty sure they will drop more. Honestly i'm a little worried about jobs at this point. I have to question the wisdom of buying a 1k gpu even in the best of times; anymore than this i lean towards console.

  28. Paul John

    OK let's see you buy one of these massively below MSRP's GPU's from China 🤔🤔

  29. Donald Petersen

    Jay's Two Cents was wrong, cards will be even cheaper by the end of the week.

  30. R.S.W. K

    FINALLY, i see low to mid end GPUs priced at least somewhere in the neighborhood of where they're supposed to be.

    3050 for 250 bucks, 3060 for 330 bucks. 3060 TI for 425 bucks.

  31. Kimo

    If you play at 4K w/ DLSS enabled @ Quality (so, upscaling 2560 x 1440 to 4K), are you 'piggybacking' on the 1440p performance of your CPU, or is the CPU still not relevant when 4K DLSS is enabled (vs. 4K native)?

  32. Tokyo Warfare

    I'm from Spain, I can tell you GPU's are still ridiculously priced overall. Feels like we're still months ahead bargains.

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