GraphQL Full Course – Novice to Expert

Complete course on GraphQL where you will create a full-stack application from scratch using:
– GraphQL server on Node.js
– React front-end (with Apollo)
– MongoDB to store data

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🔗Atom editor –
🔗Node Download –

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️

#1 (0:00)- Introduction to GraphQL
#2 (6:51)- A Birdseye View of GraphQL
#3 (10:59)- Project (stack) Overview
#4 (14:18)- Making Queries (front-end preview)
#5 (20:05)- Express App Setup
#6 (25:41)- Setting up GraphQL
#7 (31:02)- GraphQL Schema
#8 (38:08)- Root Query
#9 (48:20)- The Resolve Function
#10 (53:16)- Testing Queries in Graphiql
#11 (59:49)- GraphQL ID Type
#12 (1:03:36)- Author Type
#13 (1:09:30)- Type Relations
#14 (1:17:41)- GraphQL Lists
#15 (1:25:56)- More on Root Queries
#16 (1:29:39)- Connecting to mLab
#17 (1:35:51)- Mongoose Models
#18 (1:42:53)- Mutations
#19 (1:53:06)- More on Mutations
#20 (1:58:58)- Updating the Resolve Functions
#21 (2:06:45)- GraphQL NonNull
#22 (2:12:20)- Adding a Front-end
#23 (2:15:50)- Create React App
#24 (2:24:18)- Book List Component
#25 (2:27:55)- Apollo Client Setup
#26 (2:34:47)- Making Queries from React
#27 (2:42:26)- Rendering Data in a Component
#28 (2:49:23)- Add Book Component
#29 (2:59:41)- External Query File
#30 (3:04:12)- Updating Component State
#31 (3:12:35)- Composing Queries
#32 (3:24:48)- Query variables
#33 (3:31:05)- Re-fetching Queries
#34 (3:35:11)- Book Details Component
#35 (3:42:47)- Making a Single Query
#36 (3:54:13)- Styling the App


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  1. Paul Barton

    Is this not n+1 ? When querying for books with author name?

  2. Shreyansh Shrey

    Holly molly, completed the 4hr video in one go… Usefull stufff!!!!!

  3. David Bedoya

    at 55:28 when we use graphiql= true, it suppose to open the tool in the browser. Anyways it is not working for me. anyone else with this problem?

  4. Hardik Mehta

    Superb Video, Thank you, buddy, way you explained each step was awesome!

  5. AveN7ers

    Is this still relevant? I love netninja

  6. Dani Baba

    Hey bro, I have a question. What if you want custom types for the GraphQL query? For example if I want a date or a JSON object, how can I do this? I've search online but I can't find anything for node…

  7. Devesh Korde

    So, I have a doubt.. When we define args for the root query, are all args required to be passed when called or, its okay to pass some of them ?

  8. Malik Lanlokun

    If you are facing props undefined issue when logging the props to the console in 2:40:10 , i was able to fix it by passing the props to the functional component and then calling it directly without the this keyword, like this function BookList(props){ console.log(props) } , this is how props are accessed in functional components.

  9. Krish Sharma

    app.use(cors()); is not working, i am unable to attach the front with backend.

  10. Dhiraj Gede

    Here at 28:41 as graphqlHTTP is a function, initialize it as
    const {graphqlHTTP} = require('express-graphql'); Instead of
    const graphqlHTTP = require('express-graphql');

  11. Focus Goal

    is it still relevant after four years of upload? does it have any deprecation changes?

  12. Asif Mohammad

    6:54 this is awesome how you divided all of the lessons branch-wise. Where can I learn it from? It would be very kind if anyone could suggest me a resource to this git command. Thanks !!

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