GTX 10-Series for Laptops – 5 Things To Know

Pascal GTX 1080 laptop reviews are coming soon but before they come out, here are 5 key things you need to know about the new GTX 10-series for laptops. Featuring the ASUS G752VS OC – GTX 1070
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  1. Bram Vanbilsen

    I think Apple rather uses the AMD chips because it's cheaper to build a laptop with such chip in it and they can sell it for whatever they want because hey, it's Apple…

  2. Fritz Asuro

    DAVE please review the Razer Blade with 1060 when it comes out!! I hope you'll cover both HD and QHD versions.

  3. Talal

    these are good looking speakers, do you have a link?

  4. P Dang

    any idea on when the next Dell XPS 15 with a 10 series GPU will release?

  5. GreenStorm01

    Hello Dave!
    This is a greatly useful video. Saves a heck of a lot of time researching notebooks with those chips to find out what they are on about!
    Been watching and have subscribed since your very early videos (on the Dell XPS13, you've been talking about your first 1000 subscribers or so I think…? This actually got me subscribing :D) and I think it's great that you continued to do them!

  6. PS Studio

    i just knew that apple are shit when they start use amd's cpu

  7. Antairez

    People asking AMD to get their shit together, while it is actually Apple asking Nvidia to get their shit together. 3 digit TDP? Who the hell puts that kind of a monster into a laptop? I mean I have a decent desktop at home so my requirements for a laptop is closer to what Apple visions it.

  8. soloseven007

    @Dave Lee

    which GTX 1070 laptops have a 120fps screens?

  9. Bluntzy D

    so with this powerful do you think the Nintendo Switch will be with a custom x1 chip with pascal based on gtx 10 series?

  10. Emilio Abalos

    since you made this vid for the nvidia 10 series, what about the new amd's GPUs? what are your thoughts?

  11. Mike V

    which laptop will play wow and overwatch on ultra though anyone know lol??

  12. dogemcwolferman

    but if you want a 144/120 Herz Display you have too pick up a TN panel and i think 75 Herz ips is a great option between it

  13. A Name of a User

    when Dave lee's intro music comes on. i dance in my chair, press my lips together hard, and stop instantly when the music stop. Is that okay?

  14. Stef

    the €uro Fucked Europe..

  15. Praveen Ashura

    really dave you need to have millions of subscribers. you have this smoothness and comfortness

  16. ZPERO

    Does anyone know if RX Polaris + Ryzen laptops are gonna be put by Christmas? I'm currently a college student (and will be for 2 more years :P) so I really would like a laptop rather than a desktop that I can't take with me (I'm a commuter).

    I'm currently using a really old Lenovo Y410p from 4 years ago and honestly it was mediocre then and it's a piece of garbage now, so I'd like an upgrade but I'd rather wait for the AMD laptops, if anything just for the price drops, but in all honesty I do prefer AMD over Intel and Nvidia.

  17. player1

    1 year later, and AMD still has no answer to mobile Pascal. Instead they got new desktop chips with ridiculous amount of power consumption, that just compare to last year desktop chips.

  18. Baccarah

    that intro hurt my eyes in a good way

  19. Tbh i cant even see the difference between 30fps and 60 so i dont care about 120Hz 😂

  20. Ne𝕏usMa𝕏us

    Technically, the 1080 replaces the notebook version of the actual 980, the 1070 replaces the 980M, the 1060 replaces the 970M, the 1050 Ti replaces the 965M/960M and the 1050 replaces the 950M.

    Just wanna point out for some people

  21. CODEX

    Lol love ur burton shirt. ik it doesnt mean the place i was born in tho lol

  22. Михаил

    2016: "gtx 1060 laptop starts at 1300$ people!"
    2017: "acer predator helios 300 with gtx 1060 only for 1000$!"

  23. adoo_ 7

    Hey, dave, should I go for HP Omen 15 max q or Lenovo legion y720 irrespective of the pricing?

  24. Kay

    Wonder what would happen if they opened up the bottleneck on the 1060 to say… 356 bit… lol 1070 would be trash.

  25. Sanjay Athawale

    The boost/base speed of 1050ti mobile version is more than a normal 1050ti

  26. Diptangshu Dutta

    what about the 1050 it also should have similar performance right…..

  27. Sceptonic

    And 2 years later, you can get a laptop with a GTX 1060 for $750, it's no longer ridiculously overpriced now!

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