GTX 1060 Laptop Performance Benchmarks

Made a video of the GTX 1060 (Laptop) to showcase some gaming performance. If you guys enjoyed this, hit that like button!!
Games played off external drive –

Farcry Primal
Battlefield 1
Star Citizen
Batman Arkham Knight
Assassin’s Creed Unity
Shadow Warrior 2
The Witcher 3
Rainbow Six Siege

If you’d like to see some specific games in the GTX1050/1070/1080 videos, let me know in the comments below!

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Music Credits:
Intro: Robotaki – Raton Laveur

Thumbnail Image from: Berduu

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  1. Cody Purcell

    So gtx 1060 6g is pefect for 1080p and the gtx 1070 is over kill well then.

  2. Star Citizien is very heavy! To play in FHD in ultra settings at this game is needed almost GTX 1070!

  3. Spider-Plant

    Should i go with i5 7th gen laptop ?
    Will it bottleneck 1060 ?
    And hiw many years can it last ?

  4. lmao.

    I have an MSI Gl62vr-7rfx but i get around 20 fps lower than you, on battlefield 1 medium settings! This is a big difference, and my laptop is only 1 and a half months old. Should i E-mail MSI or can somebody help me?
    This also doesnt just happen on that game, it happens on others too

  5. kk Dias

    Are these fps counts for the 3 GB or 6gb variant.

  6. Vaibhav Shah

    Witcher 3 only tanks in ultra because of stupid nvidia failwork features. Turn those off and its a smooth 60fps.


    I am sub of your for 2 years and now I found this, and I need to tell that this man knows the meaning of quality content. 👌👌

  8. BrendanDH

    So if i understand correctly, the aw13 has a 60 hz screen.
    But can i connect my 144 hz benq monitor to it to game on 144 fps ?

    Thanks in advance !!!

  9. Dylan Davis

    Very good video strait into the point, love it helped me decide which gpu I should get thanks a lot!

  10. Salman Shaikh

    Edit: Forgot to mention dave is the only person I have ever seen among benchmark videos who has taken unoptimized/driver problem games like Arkham Knight and Assassin's Creed Unity which I was wishing every reviewwr should do because it shows the real potential of the GPU unlike normally where the game will run smoothly due to optimization. So respect for Dave for making a quality video!
    Great video. Would love to see how this gpu plays the recently released titles like evil within 2, Wolfenstein new colossus, Assassin's creed origins. I'm just waiting for the day when a cheap 1060 laptop appears. Lenovo y530 is close but still I don't want 1050ti to limit my gaming.

  11. Kimi

    why my gtx 1060m 6gb run stable 60fps on ultra high on assassin creed unity? my anti analysing is fxaa…….1080p ?????????? i got i7 8750h 16gb ram

  12. Kentuximus

    Would the Razer Blade 15 show the same kind of performance?

  13. Dauragin

    if you redo warframe again today, it'll be worse

  14. G G

    The flash at the end leading to a whiteout and the video endpoint following the same – brilliant effect.

  15. Kozkoz

    hello will i get the same fps results on the Acer predator helios 300 (2018 model ) ?

  16. David Withey

    Neh sorry i have a gtx 1060 non MAXQ in my MSI GP72mVR laptop and on battlefield 1 i can't pull even 60fps with it maxed out at 1080p. thats even overclocked and benchmarks show it's better than factory overclocked GTX 1060's. runs at 72c max and the cpu is a i7 7700HQ thats under volt. no way your gtx 1060 can do that sorry but it's shit.

  17. sc1zzla

    and you can bring this wherever you go. Wow.. life is awesome

  18. MTN 927

    I'm returning my laptop with a 1050 (brand new, dead pixel) for one with a 1060, the 1050 is not powerful enough for 1080p60fps.

  19. G G

    Still watching lol. Such a neat video.

  20. giorgos atassi

    Guys what about now ??(2019) It is still worth to buy that grapchic card ?? Pls tell me !


    Wow this generation is a great generation of GPUs and 2016 is a great year for me as well whenever nvdia nails it with GPU my year goes great, but in 2019 they fucked up with rtx , hope new dies will help me to have a better year but can you please upload this kinda benchmark for RTX with new dies please 💙💙💙💙

  22. Hey Dave are gtx 1060 laptops worth it in 2019 especially after the release of the gtx 16 series??

  23. Project Páez

    I'm here…three years later….and I'm still wondering why my laptop can't run those games well hahaha…I usually get around 30-40 fps in all recent games…
    I'm not sure if it's something related with the OS or something else.

    By the way, nice video!

  24. FireSScope

    but will it run the GREAT GAME Come april 2020??

  25. Robby Gunawan

    I keep coming to this video to remain me to grateful to what I have now. GTX 1060 is still a decent Gpu for 2019 for Ultra-High

  26. Dogfacezombie

    I like how he used the flashbang from r6s to end the vid, good job.

  27. iou56

    WOW Dave Lee waaaaay back in 2016, ehh I see no difference

  28. TheWindyyy

    Not sure if you'll read this Dave. I remember watching this video when it was released before picking up my Alienware 15 R3 with a 1060 a month later in December 2016. I'm still rocking this laptop but still love watching this video just because of how well put together it is; music, transitions and everything! I'm really hoping once I graduate in a couple of years time that Alienware will have made a new model of the current m15 r2/3 that might be slightly bulkier with better thermals similar to the 15 R3 and/or with a non-inverted motherboard for easy repasting (All those Alienware Support videos on youtube showing full dismantles and upgrades of this 15 R3 is incredible ^^)

  29. Salman Shaikh

    I wish Dave made another video like this!Just felt like watching this beauty again!

  30. chanath _c

    Really miss this song, Dave old school song 💙

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