You are currently viewing GTX 1070 Laptop Performance Benchmarks

GTX 1070 Laptop Performance Benchmarks

Made a video of the Laptop GTX 1070 to showcase some gaming performance. Recorded from an Acer Predator 17. (6700HQ/16G/GTX 1070). If you guys enjoyed this, hit that like button!!
Games played off external drive –

The Witcher 3
Dishonored 2
Assassin’s Creed Unity
Battlefield 1
Shadow Warrior 2
Heroes of the Storm
Batman Arkham Knight
Farcry Primal

If you’d like to see some specific games in the GTX1050/1080 videos, let me know in the comments below!

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Music Credits:
Intro: Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance (Robotaki Instrumental Remix)

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  1. rahul999rap

    what does that fps is. is it average fps given? what were the approximate minimum fps experienced there if u can share that knowledge with me?

  2. J Esgarth

    I got lost in the gameplay and forgot to look at the numbers.

  3. ovation

    If I buy a gaming laptop (like ailenware 17 )with gtx1060. How long will it serve me?


    I guess 100 + fps on a 1080p screen !

  5. Brijesh Yadav

    Dave please do a review of the HP omen x gaming laptop😍!!!! Waiting for it!!!

  6. H Y

    We need microscope to see those fps

  7. BS isay

    Hey, Dave could we get a updated video of the 1070 running newer games ?

  8. Wuho Art

    Asus Rog G752VS 6700hq/8g ram/GTX1070 in Battlefield 1 gives only 40 fps((( why?

  9. Racsan

    Keep in mind your also playing at 1440p

  10. jonathan diaz

    This is exactly what I needed! This and the other two videos (GTX 1060 and 1080 Laptop Performance Benchmark) were a big help. Thank you!

  11. Sigma

    Wtf the difference between 1060 and 1070 are just little !

  12. Wilson635

    the witcher for me gets 60, on a i7 7700hq, 16gb ddr4 ram and a 1070 8gb

  13. Kser0

    I will buy this laptop for sure <3

  14. Magni

    Dave do you have any video like this for Max-Q version? Despite random problems that some people have i'm planning to buy Razer Blade 15. I had really bad experience with AW15R3 so i have to switch but still need something portable for work too.

  15. Pere Comellas

    1440p with this GTX is the limit, I Have a ge63 and I need to buy a new monitor, I want to buy a 1440p but the 1080p 30 FPS kicks hard , problably in Battlefield V maybe has a 45-55 FPS … is a dificult decicison …

  16. cyranoidy

    You got another sub!!! So im planning to get an external monitor 27" 144 hz, you reccomend me to go for 1080 instead of 1440, for playing call of duty black ops 3 and battlefield V, and overwatch? Then i imagine i will be getting arround 85 to 100 fps in ultra… instead of 55 65 of the 1440 … thanks for your great work!

  17. SanderWorld

    1070 laptop version – 90 fps cs go ultra vertical sync off this is normal?)))

  18. The Seeker

    Can anyone answer this for please…

    I am planning to buy a alienware 15 with gtx 1060 with 1080p screen will i be able to play all the modern games in ultra or high settings?

    Or just go with the gtx 1070?

  19. ucss25

    I have a MSI GT70 with GTX680m. I think upgrade to GTX1070m 🙂

  20. Qwem Lhjsi

    It's telling me this video is unavailable on my device?

  21. Sanketh Raju

    Dave, can you re upload this video if possible cuz loved the montage and the music.

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