You are currently viewing GTX 1080 Laptop Performance Benchmarks!

GTX 1080 Laptop Performance Benchmarks!

Made a video of the Laptop GTX 1080 to showcase some gaming performance. Recorded from a Razer Blade Pro (6700HQ/32G/GTX 1080) If you guys enjoyed this, hit that like button!!

Games played off external drive –

The Division
Battlefield 1
Space Hulk Deathwing
Batman Arkham Knight
Fallout 4
Dishonored 2
Watch Dog 2
Assassins Creed

If you’d like to see some specific games in the GTX1050/1050Ti videos, let me know in the comments below!

Music Credits:
Intro: Robotaki – Ghost Boy

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    How is the gtx1080 laptop running in 4k??

  2. E.Q

    hi Dave, as always great video, could u please include one more game which is Rainbow Six Siege in your benchmark list? thank you!!

  3. Hugh Adams

    Oh wow gtx 1080 absolutely crushes anything you throw at it!!!!

  4. apple idusgw

    Any recommended gtx 1080 laptop nowaday dave ?? Im thinking on buying one with overall good performance

  5. Joel Reeves

    Bro can I get your Spotify playlists 😂 these songs are 👌🏽

  6. MrMovieMan941

    it is hard to believe…for watchdogs 2 and AS Unity …amazing!

  7. zawette

    whats the best nvidia 1080 laptop ?

  8. Fritz Asuro

    @Dave, I really can't build a desktop now. You think the Blade Pro will be enough as a desktop substitute for gaming and 4K editing?

  9. sudhanshu sharma

    Oh My God !! WoW !! And here's my laptop , cannot even play the video without lagging like s**t for even a single minute 🙁

  10. Phillip Lemmon

    Could you please play swtor and hitman please I'm trying to decide what laptop to get? Please?

  11. Thành Nguyễn

    hi i want to ask how much fps if this laptop perform on 1080 screen ?

  12. In reality you'll get about 5-10% more performance on laptops other than the Blade Pro; Razer uses a 250w PSU, when in reality a laptop with the same specs needs 330w to run at full load, so the HW on the Blade Pro is downclocked.
    With an undervolt you can get way better performance on the Blade Pro.

  13. A S

    when yo gpu is stronger than your cpu

  14. North Viking

    Hi. Can you recomend laptops with 17 inch and 1070-1080 series.? What laptops is good on cooling, and what do you get most for my bucks.? Im in europ.

  15. J. M.

    Now u know this laptop cost some smoney!

  16. JPMS

    I think would have been better… more safe for the future.

  17. Maël08

    I going to get a gtx 1080 laptop with i7 at 1299€

  18. Still use gtx1060 on my MSI laptop, and Watchdog 2 only get 45fps in Ultra Graphic (1080p screen)

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