Hands-On with Samsung Fold 6, Watch Ultra, and Flip 6

hey everybody hope you guys are healthy and safe so Samsung just launched a slew of new products in Paris today I am not in Paris right now I am in Hong Kong but this morning I did get my hands on most of the new products in the Samsung Hong Kong product briefing I tried almost everything except for the Galaxy Ring because I don’t think that is selling in Hong Kong but for this video I will focus mostly on the two new foldables because I’m ultimately a phone guy so let’s start with the big guy the Galaxy z46 so z46 got subtle improvements in several areas regarding its OU the body these improvements if you look at them one by one they’re quite small but when you add them together they do add up to more than the sum of the parts and make the Z 6 quite a noticeable upgrade over previous Samsung foldable phones so the F 6 is both lighter and thinner than the F five despite not losing any components that was available in the F five now it’s only 14 G lighter than the F five it’s noticeable but not that big but if you’re jumping over from the fold 4 then the difference is huge because there’s a 24 G difference between the fold 4 and the fold 6 the thinner profile is also much welcome you also notice that the full six when it’s folded the left bezel is much thinner than before in previous Samsung folds the left bezel is chunky compared to the other three sides now the 4 6 has a much more symmetrical look the outer screen of the 46 is also a little bit wider so now the aspect ratio is more in line with with a conventional slap phone you can twoand type on it a lot easier than the fold 5 and the fold 4 which when folded felt like a TV remote or a candy bar of course the full six got upgraded to the Snapdragon hn3 that’s to be expected unfortunately the camera system with the fold 6 is exactly the same as the fold 5 now the fold 5’s camera system is pretty good but definitely not as good as the best Chinese foldable cameras out there now moving on to the flip six overall dimensions here are nearly identical to the flip 5 so the flip phone did not manage to cut weight or thickness like the fold 6 did however the flip 6 has a larger battery up to 4,000 Mah now and the main camera is upgraded to a 50 megapixel camera before it was a 12 megapixel shooter so now the flip 6’s main camera it’s the same camera used in the galaxy s24 and the Galaxy s24 plus and that’s a pretty good camera particularly for a flip phone of course the flip is also running on the Snapdragon 8 gen 3 the flip 6 also has a vapor cooling chamber for the first time in a Samsung flip phone so that combined with the more efficient Snap Dragon H gen 3 should mean the flip 6 is going to be a noticeable better performer than the flip 5 and obviously the flip four before that so if you look at Hardware of the fold and flip six you can take two different approaches the first one is if you look at it from the point of view of an average consumer in America or in South Korea in that case all the foldables you’ve known is mostly from Samsung and if you’re jumping over from an older Samsung foldable then I think the fold and flip six improve enough that you could be excited particularly the fold six if you’re jump over from the fold four the fold six is going to just feels so much nicer in the hand however the other perspective is if you’re someone like me who has been keeping up to date with Chinese foldable phones then you will know that all these improvements that Samsung added to the fold and flip 6 it’s merely Samsung playing catchup to Chinese photable phones because Chinese phable phones have been thinner lighter with better cameras and larger batteries for a few years now so while the full 6 is thinner and lighter than ever for a Samsung foldable it is still heavier and thicker than a Vivo xfold 3 Pro however Samsung’s counting on two areas where it’s fbl will have more appeal to more people than Chinese foldable phones the first is a superior software ecosystem Samsung’s foldable software just play nicer with major American apps like YouTube Instagram Twitter that’s just the nature of the Beast because a lot of these Chinese photable phones are aimed at the China Market where people don’t use Instagram or YouTube or Twitter the second thing that Samsung’s counting on is that Samsung apparently has a much chier relationship with Google than other Chinese foldable phones because the Samsung fold and flip 6 introduced some AI features that are really leveraging Google’s AI Powers so in a way there’s really just Google features but Samsung and Google have an agreement that these features are going to be exclusive to Samsung devices and Google devices for at least half a year or year for example Circle to search which launched with the Galaxy s24 series that’s a very useful feature that I use like 10 times a day even now 6 months later it’s still only exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy phones and Google pixel phones it is not in any opo or xiaomi or via phones even though they run Android and circle to search is a Google Android software but somehow Google and Samsung have agreed to basically gatekeep the feature keep it exclusive to just their devices and that’s going to be the same thing here so Circle to search is here in the fold and flip 6 as well as the live interpretation live translation between two languages on the fold and flip 6 it’s supports over a dozen languages including cantones which is impressive because cantones is a very difficult language to speak and understand and on both the foldable phones you can have the interpretation app set up so that both screens are in use like one screen will show one language the other screen will show the other language so you can just put the phone between you and the other person you guys can speak your respective languages and the translator text will show up on the screen for you to look at as you can see here the flip 6 is able to translate kentones to English very fast and again kentes is very complicated so this is very impressive Samsung’s also introducing a brand new AI feature for the fold and flip 6 that I personally like a lot it’s called sketch to image so basically you can use your finger or on the full six and S Pen to draw something like draw a basic sketch and then the Samsung phones will use generative AI to convert that sketch into something more realistic looking or more profession looking so you see right here I drew glasses and a hat on a picture of myself and then within 20 30 seconds the phone was able to generate pretty realistic looking images of me with a hat and glasses and you have various options to choose from and if you don’t like it you can also redo the whole generative AI process and get a new batch of results so this works with any image whether it’s image you took on the phone or something you grabbed off the web and also works for a blank canvas inside the samp Notes app so here my friend is drawing a sports car and then you see that the generative AI is able to convert that into a more professional looking illustration so I am someone who likes to troll my friends a lot by editing photos so a lot of times I would take photos of my friends and like make their head a little bit bigger or like you know draw stuff on the face like a pair of glasses so I know I’m going to have a lot of fun with Sketch to image because I’m going to take pictures of my friends and like give them an earing give them a hat give them a beard or sunglasses stuff like that um as for how practical that is in real life use I don’t know but at the very least it’s fun to troll friends and again these are software features that leverages Google’s generative AI abilities but it’s being kept to be a Samsung exclusive for now on top of that Samsung foldables also guaranteed 7 years of software updates so the fold and flip 6 they run on Android 14 that means you’re going to get updates all the way up to Android 21 with a Chinese F bable you you’re getting three years of updates if you’re lucky so for mainstream consumers I think the fold 6 and flip 6 still make a lot of sense but if you are a geek like me who really care about smartphone cameras then yeah the Vivo x43 Pro still has a better camera system than the F 6 and I think that’s an area that Samsung should pursue maybe for next year because I do think the F camera system it’s getting a little bit long in a tooth you should give it a periscope Zoom you should give it larger sensors as for pricing unfortunately I don’t have the Hong Kong pricing of the fold and flip 6 yet but I do have us pricing and Samsung is adding $100 to the base price of each phone so the flip six now starts at $10.99 and the fold 6 starts at $199 so it’s unfortunate that there’s been a price hike but I guess you are getting newer better hard Hardware but of course if you want the best value foldable phone then you know you got to go with xiaomi or Vivo or honor foldables moving on to the next product so this one’s going to be a little bit brief because I have very short time with it the Galaxy watch Ultra so this is basically Samsung’s answer to the Apple watch Ultra it’s a Galaxy watch with a much brighter screen up to 3,000 nits longer battery life it can last up to 4 days on a single charge if you’re just using it more conservatively if you’re actually using it to tracking workouts then you can get two days of use on a single charge the watch is also crafted out titanium so it’s super sturdy and heavy duty it’s a little bit of a chunky boy but still looks pretty good I also like that the watch supports two types of gestures so you can pinch with your fingers or just flick your wrist to launch apps or shortcut actions and these are customizable so you can set it so when you flick your wrist the watch will launch an app of your choosing the Galaxy watch Ultra and the Galaxy watch 7 are also the first SmartWatches to run Androids wear OS 5 so yeah even before Google’s own weblos Samsung’s the first to get where OS 5 so there’s like definitely some type of exclusive partnership going on between Samsung and Google so that’s about it for this very brief Hands-On on the new Samsung products I will get review units of them very soon so I will have a full review so if you enjoy this content please consider subscribing to my channel it will help me a lot thanks for watching

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  1. @sparky6757

    You missed a few advantages the Z fold has over the Chinese foldables, ones that are really important to me.

    One, they're actually available where I live.

    Two, Samsung's promos are such that you can upgrade every two years and spend in the ballpark of $600 – you're hard-pressed to find a flagship slab in America you can pay $25 a month for to keep upgraded every other year. In the foldable market of the USA, Samsung is the cheapest once all the promos are applied.

    Three, something actually about the hardware itself: the horizontally-compact design makes it feel great in one hand, both to hold and to swipe type on. All the Chinese folds are super wide, and I am not a fan.

  2. @User6879G

    Just woke up to see notification on this Samsung review ❤

  3. @ParissaKhoury

    The Samsung Fold 6 is GARBAGE 🗑🚮🗑🚮 !!!!! All outdated hardware and its practically the same phone as Fold 5. NO ONE CARES THAT FOLD 6 IS LIGHTER WEIGHT THAN FOLD 5 !!!! I'm buying the VIVO X FOLD 3 instead !!!

  4. @morm2173

    I love the inner screen however, i wish the outer screen was bigger and wider

  5. @AaronCrawford

    That Ultra Watch is a beast. Hope the next version has the rotating bezel on top. Good stuff Samsung

  6. @BraKwakup

    Got to be kidding me Samsung??!! Seriously…same outdated design with the fold?!! I mean this is serious!!

  7. @SkoxLy

    i use circle to search 10 times… in a week. So overrated feature, at least to me

  8. @sfmn2396

    That camera bump size and shape are so underwhelming and looks like it came from some cheap Chinese phone from like 10 years ago

  9. @nero_redqueen

    circle to search is overrated. They just keep the new features for future products meanwhile those are on Chinese smartphones for years

  10. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  11. @davidibarra6730

    Give Thanks for Samsung continue to invest into the foldable type hardware, combined with Chinese manufacturers will continue to make foldables a lasting type.

  12. @osmanski57

    Whaaaat 4400 ma, battery in 2024 ,im pass fold 6😂

  13. The z fold 6 isnt that exciting imo. The AI aspect is better. But no better hardware other than the usual.

  14. Thz Chinese vivo x fold 3 pro works fine in France with Bouygues Telecom. The best foldable of this year .😊

  15. @mesbahhelal7373

    I think Samsung should feel ashamed of the coming Honor v3 ……what is that garbage !!!!!!!!!!

  16. @Markus56165

    Fold 6 has a new ultra wide sensor and supposedly much better processing which should lead to better photos all around

  17. @rhouknee

    The Galaxy Ultra Watch looks nice, but I stopped using Samsung watches the moment they stopped making them compatible with IOS. I now use Huawei watches on my iPhone and Android.

  18. @keat-wong

    Waiting for honor magic V3. The samsung z fold 6 is just a small incremental upgrade.

  19. @jlam163

    Fold 6 cant even match my Honor Magic V2

  20. @King_504

    Fold 6 is the best foldable software wise

  21. @Novaddicted

    Samsung releases are so boring now. its like they are not innovating anymore 😢

  22. @skyseven4656

    The fact that samsung relying on Google and USA companies to help it's software it tell a lot unlike chinees companies who rely on their selves

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