Hands On with the Powerful 20 Core Mobile Workstation: The Thinkpad P16 Gen 2

what’s going on everybody it’s ETA Prime back here again today we’re going to be taking a look at the Lenovo ThinkPad p16 Gen 2 this is an Intel powered mobile workstation that really puts down the performance this thing is definitely a Workhorse and some of my favorite notebooks on the market are these think pads This Is the p16 Gen 2 powered by the Intel i7 14700 Ajax which gives us 20 cores and 28 threads so with that we’ve got CPU performance covered no matter what you want to throw at this thing and when it comes to the GPU this is actually using an Nvidia RTX 1000 it’s an ADA generation mobile workstation GPU and usually on the channel we take a look at gaming laptops and for sure we can game on this we will be taking a look at that in just a bit when it comes to the overall design here for these think pads they really haven’t changed that much in my opinion they’re kind of Timeless we still have the track point right in the middle the little red control knobs usually what I call it very nice keyboard here it is back lit single zone white LED pretty large track pad here with those three trackpad buttons which is kind of synonymous with these think pads and whenever I use one of these think pads I go right to that track point and since this is a p16 model we’ve got a 16-in IPS display and this one just happens to have a resolution of 3,840 x2400 so it is a 16 X10 aspect ratio display with 100% dcip 3 color grading up to 800 nits of brightness and we’ve got full control over that color gamut so if you do want to go srgb or adobe or even P3 we’ve got the profiles here for professionals but you can always totally customize your own profile so that color grading can really get you by when you’re doing Photoshop or any kind of task that require really great color grading of your display when it comes to the overall specs of this workstation we’ve got the 14th gen Intel Core i7 14700 HX I mean this is kind of a beast of a CPU 20 cores 28 threads eight performance cores up to 5.5 G and 12 efficiency cores up to 3.9 the unit I have here has 32 GB of ddr5 running at 5600 MHz and we’ve got the Nvidia RTX 1000 this is an ADA generation RTX GPU with 6 gigs of vram a 1 TB m.2 Gen 4 SSD Wi-Fi 6E Bluetooth 5.2 that 16-in IPS display with a resolution of 3,840 by 2400 it’s 100% DCI P3 up to 8 100 nits of brightness we’ve also got a 94w hour battery and this is running Windows 11 Pro right out of the box I’ve been using this laptop for a few days and when it comes to this Intel Core I74 700hx it is a great performer like I mentioned my main laptop has the same CPU so I know exactly what we can do here that CPU also has the Intel UHD Graphics but instead of using that for most of the task that we’re going to be doing here we’re going to be using the Nvidia RTX 10008 generation laptop GPU 6 gigs of vram and this whole laptop wasn’t specifically designed for gaming but we will be testing some games because we do have enough power here to game at 1080 and even some older games at 1440 with this RTX 1000 GPU mainly if you picked up a laptop like this it’s probably for work and the first thing I wanted to do here was show off some benchmarks that I ran on this like geekbench I also tested out blender C bench PC mark 10 uh some 3D Mark GPU benchmarks and you know when it comes to overall laptop usage this has more than enough to get everything you need done email checking web browsing photo editing you can do some video editing on this it’ll do 4K video playback on the built-in screen or if you want to connect it to a larger monitor over HDMI or even Thunderbolt 4 it’s totally possible here and with 4K video playback you really won’t even need to use that Nvidia GPU the Intel UHD graphics with this Intel i7 14700 HX can handle it just fine but the first Benchmark we have here is geekbench 6 and we are in performance mode from the Windows settings this is phenomenal I mean single core coming in with 2,647 multicore 15,792 albeit we can pull quite a bit of wattage with this thing in high performance mode but just seeing this in a laptop is really impressive the next Benchmark I ran here was PC Mark 10 and this basically goes through a plethora of different tasks we’ve got video editing video playback video conferencing spreadsheets document editing basically if you do this on regular with your laptop or desktop as an everyday use case scenario this Benchmark will run through it and it’ll give us a finalized score here we scored a 7,435 so we’re really up there when it comes to General use case scenarios for a laptop next up we’ve got blender and I use the good old BMW Benchmark this is one that I always like to use the file is a bit hard to find over on blender’s website they’ve kind of got it hidden but I was able to pick it up and we ran it here all CPU with those 20 cores 28 threads on that i7 14700 HX 1 minute 47 seconds moving over to CER bench R23 testing out the multicore performance for this i7 CPU total score 2,438 and if you take a look at most of the other chips listed here these are all for desktop systems or even server systems so given that this is a mobile CPU we’re way up there with this score checking out some GPU benchmarks with this rtx100 this is actually a card I haven’t tested yet fire strike coming in a little over 177,000 and of course we’ve got time spy here with a 7,514 and to tell you the truth I wasn’t sure how this was going to perform when it comes to gaming but I did throw a few of my favorite games at it and it was really impressed here we have Forza Horizon 5 1080p ultra settings with no dlss remember we’ve got an Nvidia RTX C if the game supports frame generation or dlss we’ve got access to it this is actually kind of the same architecture we’re working with in the 4,000 Series so yeah seeing this running up to 190 FPS on this system ultra settings 1080 and if you wanted to go up to 1440p it shouldn’t be an issue for a game like this without any kind of dlss or frame generation but there are some more demanding AAA games out there where frame gener ation might come into play at 1440 but for the most part I tested at 1080 and I didn’t have an issue with any of this stuff the next game I tested was cyberpunk 2077 1080p High settings and dlss is set to Auto I find with this game here setting it to Auto does give you that kind of good Fidelity even though we’re at 1080p still think it looks great and we’re seeing averages in the ’90s with cyberpunk 2077 and finally we’ve got Horizon forbidden West now this is a more demanding game it’s one of the newer games we tested here 1080p medium settings dlss is set to Balan and I’m also using nvidia’s frame gen again like I mentioned this RTX 1000 does support frame gen and basically all dlss with these games that support frame gen I would highly recommend using it even at these lower resolutions I personally love using frame gen especially with this game here and at me medium 1080p with frame gen on we’re seeing an average of around 101 FPS overall if you’re looking for a mobile workstation this is something that I can highly recommend now the price on these is a bit high but you know if you’re picking something like this up you’re going to be making money with it it’s a pretty good setup I love the CPU performance the overall design again I think is kind of Timeless for these think pads and yeah I mean I just love the way these things look I just kind of wish they would offer this with the black color variant I think that would be really awesome it set this thing off but yeah really good performer if you’re interested in learning a little more I will leave some links in the description but that’s going to wrap it up for this video if there’s anything else you want to see running on this thing just let me know in the comments below and like always thanks for watching

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  1. @4ida

    Hey want to shill our product?
    ETA PRIME: YES. It's always YES here!

  2. For around 663 usd, you can probably pick up the Lenovo p15 gen 1 with an i7 10th gen 8c 16t and RTX 5000, with 2 ssd slots and ram that is upgradeable to 128gb. I think I'll be getting that one instead

  3. Anyone here have OCD? Because the letter B in the keyboard is lower on these keyboards because of the track thing.

  4. @anonimuso

    Sorry, but I can't imagine paying that much money for those specs. That's twice as expensive as the desktop I just built and my desktop has better everything except the CPU. There's not a single spec that I think justifies nearly $4500. It's not even a thin and light…it weighs 6.5 lbs.

  5. @johnboona4048

    Aren't there some gaming laptops that's better than this under 1k?

  6. @Absnerdity

    What is this video description? Is this even English? "work station", "Know for there reliability", "dent disappoint", "this laptop top", "your", "a engineer"

    What's happening, brother? Are you okay? Is everything okay? Do you need help?

  7. if you got solidworks or any other cad/3d modelling and simulation i wouldnt mind seeing how it runs on the mobile gpu. hopefully well?

  8. @emdotrod

    One thing that people should consider that Thinkpads are not for general consumer. Even if you're a content creator you're better up buying either Legion or Yoga Pro. And this P16 is more of a mobile workstation/desktop replacement type of laptop. He's right, this is a laptop designed to make money even though it has decent power to game.

  9. @tebo2286

    This laptop is a performer and a looker but yikes the price tag though ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

  10. It is sad seeing your channel becoming an advertisement channel. You're completely out of touch with your average user. We are living in a post pandemic world. We are also living in a world where people are retrenched (layed off) en masse. All you care about is your personal gain. You don't review products, you advertise them. A sincere and thorough review also includes negative points, things that are always missing from your "reviews".

  11. @MobileDecay

    They saw Apple charge $3500. for a gimped VR headset I see. ๐Ÿค”

  12. @GorgonJob

    Just wait 3-4 years so you can buy for 600$ lol

  13. @f2o.f2o

    Thinkpad design is weird, bro. It's like a retro laptop from early 2000s. A good option for retro fans

  14. @tvuser6259

    Itโ€™s actually pretty bad. My partner was given this through work and it overheats so much and the system freezes a lot. Fan always running like crazy.

  15. @danielhulan3058

    Yes! The display ports are in the back. I work in mental health and they provide us with ThinkPads to do client notes and all the ports are on the side. It's frustrating. Also, they aren't springing for a $4000 laptop for us. There is no dgpu.

  16. @danielhulan3058

    This was a different one. Kindof a little off the usual content. I like it. Happy forth everyone! If your not in the US, it's probably just another day for you.

  17. @ianTnai

    4350 for 32 gigs of ram and 1tb ssd. Seems both stats should be much higher for the price.

    Laptop meant to be purchased with a company account. Like how they add a zero or two for โ€œserver hardwareโ€.

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