You are currently viewing HDMI vs DisplayPort vs DVI vs VGA – Simple Explanation

HDMI vs DisplayPort vs DVI vs VGA – Simple Explanation

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So which connection technology should you use or focus on? Is it HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, or VGA?

Watch our simple guide here and find out!

0:00 Intro
0:25 HDMI
2:57 DP
5:08 DVI
6:34 VGA
7:08 Conclusion


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  1. Nafets

    every monitor compnaies should include hdmi cable instead of vga.

  2. Unixy

    Uhh so the pc im getting has all of these. I'm going to get 3 monitors, the main one is 240hz and the other 2 monitors are the same monitors in 60hz, what do I do? Like what do I connect to what?

  3. ujang

    My samsung monitor have 2 types of port which is vga and hdmi. Can i use both? Will it affect my pc? Please anyone can help me? I’m a newbie. Sorry for my broken English

  4. TapsYT

    Omg thank you so much i really needed this

  5. Efe cey

    Cant decide if u are an 12 year old boy or a woman

  6. delayS

    What do u mean with dvi no Audio?
    I use a res of 1280 by 720 with 80hz and hear normally

  7. TUD shadow

    Can a monitor with an hdmi cable plug into a pc with a display port

  8. Pixin Clever

    can I use an adapter to connect DVI to DP, my LCD Monitor has 1600 x 900 resolution with a 60-hertz Refresh rate, Please tell me this will not affect on the speed.

  9. Greg Pamenter

    so much for 'simple' explanation. Talking fast tech talk lost me near the beginning. Waste of time.

  10. Dabs_Rulez

    The best ones are hdmi, usb type c, and display, the alright one is dvi, and the worst is vga, my graphics card has display 1.4 port, hdmi 2.0b port, dvi-d dual link port. I use all 3 of them so I can connect 3 monitors. All of my monitors came with a display 1.4 cable, one of them came with a vga cable and hdmi 2.0 cable, one of them came with a thunderbolt cable, usb to usb c cable, and the final one came with a usb to usb b cable.

  11. BotTrophy

    So which one is better for gaming on pc? 🤣

  12. Shamsy

    My monitor supports DP and VGA and supports HDMI and VGA…i have to use VGA 😢

  13. Koalt9Playz

    I wanna have my PS4 and PC hooked up to the same monitor
    but I dont have dvi and Im pretty sure my monitor doesnt support DP

    I only have HDMI (Which will be for the ps4)
    and a vga cable

  14. Leaf Dumm

    Can I maximize refresh rate if I have DVI-D(Dual Link) in my GPU to DP (monitor)? Given that I have a 144hz monitor

  15. Melara

    I occasionally use VGA backup, whenever I have a knucklehead issue with a new monitor or graphics card.

  16. cyb3r.g0re

    My ox only contains vga, should I add a hdmi adapter?

  17. Harshal Rajput

    Your channel need to be recognised 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️🔥

  18. "Our intention was never to pit these ports against each other to see which one will come out on top."
    "HDMI vs DisplayPort vs DVI vs VGA"

  19. xPRxMEx

    Who narrated this video? Great job n informative. Thank you

  20. Jahn Dee

    i have 75hz monitor which i buy dp or hdmi?

  21. RottenApple__

    I’m watching this for my pc that I bought, and the monitor came today but not the computer 😔

  22. j

    the only good ones is A/V, RF, and HDMI

  23. brightphoebus

    My 90's flatscreen tv has VGA and DVI ports, no HDMI. I wanted to connect it to my PC, which ONLY has HDMI, so I can watch Netflix in the living room. I bought a VGA adapter to plug in an HDMI cable from the computer. It works for playing DVD's but not good for internet signal, comes out very dark with black lines across the image. I probably should have bought an adapter for the DVI port instead…

  24. FOGamer

    HDMI is bad, i never ever manage to make a HDMI monitor work right with my PC it doesn't even detect the screen at all. DVI and VGA are instantaneously detected and work perfectly.

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