You are currently viewing Headphones vs Headset – Which Should I Choose for Gaming? [Simple Guide]

Headphones vs Headset – Which Should I Choose for Gaming? [Simple Guide]

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So what should you go for – a headset or a pair of headphones?

This is exactly what we will be discussing in this video! So keep watching and find out which one you should go for!

0:00 Intro
0:37 Mainstream Headphones
1:22 Studio Headphones
2:08 Gaming Headsets
2:58 How to Decide
4:24 Conclusion


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  1. akyhne

    Oh, yet another PC gaming site with lots of (biazed?) advices.
    Well, after watching half a dousin of your videos, I'll have to eat my own words. You really know what you are talking about! And the messages are very clear and well presented.

    Thumbs up!

  2. Editor XV

    Very Nice Video 😄😄😄😘😘😘❤❤❤

  3. John Roger Bell

    Why can't I just use the mic on my bluetooth headphones? Nobody mentions this. why is it good enough for phone calls but not gaming?

  4. ADM

    Sigh… Now I'm confused again. Why do some idiots say headphones with a set up are better if they're not made for gaming…

  5. Law

    well 15+ years gaming headset and headphone tell you the truth, headphone are good quality you can get in normal range price and if you are rich kid loaded with cash then you can buy Graff Diamonds Million Dollar Beats 🙂 (and recording headphone are in this cat. so well lets say headphone are expensive f.e Audeze headphone) but well now here the trick part the thing is gaming headset lowest price range are higher (the gaming headset which they their low range price = good companies headphones sony etc.) well if you wanna go for Chinese boom boom then go ahead.. just check amazon or other website the price of new gaming headset or refurbished is higher then the good quality headphone…

  6. VeryZestyLemon

    Ath m50x with mod mice is better than any gaming headset out there

  7. Dark Destroyer

    The corsair hs series is the best headphones
    They are a hybrid
    They have open back
    They have a detachable microphone
    They look aesthetically professional

  8. freg

    What is all the games used in this video please I like them name them

  9. ZERO 7

    need a help guys
    they are saying that gaming headset having surround sound gaming
    it's true or just only for marketing ?
    because i want to buy Sony 1000XM3 for gaming 70% and another things 30%

  10. Scotch Whisky

    I enjoy studio headphones for gaming and music listening. Bass heavy headphones ruin music for me especially classical.

  11. Kingshuk Sardar

    Thank you so much, I used to connect my headsets as headphones on laptop and never understood why I am not able to use my headset's mic now this problem is solved.

  12. kalid smart

    no need to watch another video to decide what I want

  13. JoshTags69

    Is there a gaming headset that doesn’t have a big mic but still has a small mic inside and can be portable to listen to music?

  14. نور صابر

    I Love your prensentation about headphone and headset. I will choose main stream headphone cause I really don't much play video gmaes. So this is my opinion. Thanks for sharing advice.

  15. Qv11st

    Always end up coming back to this video. You explain it so well, and without the exaggeration. Love you guys and this channel!

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