Here are the 10 MOST GOOGLED iPhone problems… (and their fixes)

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Last year, a website called Freedom Mobiles compiled a list of over 130 keywords, to find the most searched iPhone problems on Google. They broke the issues down by UK searches, US searches and global searches, and the article makes for really interesting reading, but what I thought I would do today is take that global list, and explore each of the 10 issues, and share the fix for you, that way if you’ve experienced one of these problems, you might be able to find a fix, and if not, you’ll know what to do if any of them ever happen to you.

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0:00 – Intro
0:35 – AirPods not connecting
2:59 – CarPlay not working
5:32 – iPhone won’t power on
7:08 – Liquid detected in lightning port
8:46 – iPhone virus
9:53 – iPhone won’t take a charge
11:33 – iPhone stuck on Apple logo
12:52 – FaceID not working
14:09 – Forgot iPhone passcode
14:41 – iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes
15:20 – End


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