Hide WhatsApp Chats With Secret Code!

WhatsApp has a new feature which not only lets you lock chats but also hide chats with a secret code. The new secret code chat lock feature in WhatsApp is available in WhatsApp beta right now but it should arrive in WhatsApp stable soon.

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  1. SouL

    Sir, why doesn't my WhatsApp have anything like this?

  2. WhatsApp is pushing updates the same as my mom pushes me to dance at a relatives wedding 🙂

  3. sss

    Meanwhile app lock 🥲


    Single me crying in a corner who has nothing to hide in WhatsApp 😅

  5. Muzamil

    Rest in peace relationships and those people who trust blindly in relationship

  6. MaHeNdRa

    But i hate unlock and clear all thing if we store some secret things
    Some random dude come and deletes all what is the purpose of storing secretly
    Atleast whatsapp should ask phone pin & fingerprint

  7. Emmanuel Wanjohi

    Shieeeet my poor ass is getting cheated on pro mode. 😢😢😢😂😂

  8. Guru brar

    Please tell me how to join beta program if beta program is already full 😅

  9. Asad Syed

    You won't recieve notifications from the locked person's chat though it's useless….

  10. Emmanuel Agboola

    Which phone is this, for the past two shorts you've done, you've used this pilled notch phone

  11. RAVEEN B

    They have made a lock(secret code for chats)and given key(unlock and clear all)

  12. Kulpreet Singh

    I'm already a beta tester but still I am not able to see any setting menu in lock chats

  13. AV

    Can anyone provide link for WhatsApp beta latest apk

  14. Dev Palshetkar

    It's not rolled out for all beta testers also the colour scheme is revoked

  15. Shazaib Shabbir

    Such an amazing person , never misses any update love from Pakistan ❤


    Me watching this video with my father ☠️💀

  17. Nothing

    Ya i hide chat to myself in lock chats. It contains many things🫣

  18. NotRottn

    Is that the OnePlus Nord? Proud that phone is still relevant

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