Higan: Eruthyll – Official Launch Story Trailer

Higan: Eruthyll is a 3D real-time combat RPG that will GO LIVE worldwide on April 6th and you can pre-download now via: …


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  1. Planet Ecchi

    whats the file size of this when installed? im kinda running out of space xD

  2. Vali_the _Snack

    It looks promising but the character design is just standart anime girls with big badonkers. Hope it isnt their intended selling point

  3. Melissa o

    Wow, the song give me goosebump, and the game looks great to play, can't wait to play!😊

  4. takeshi yonora

    Another Chinese gacha game meant to milk u dry, stay away from this trap

  5. Secretxxx67

    cant believe people still hyped with the same exact game as genshin, including design, gameplay, and milking them by gambling the characters

  6. GamingX

    el mundo se esta llenando de hijos del genshin 🙁

  7. winn.

    Sad because my phone too low of storage..

  8. WobbleDonkey

    It's a beautiful game, but some constructive feedback. The makers of Tower of Fantasy were guilty of this too, but the pacing is wonky and there is a lot that feels like it could have been spaced out and revealed later, but was cramed into the first 20 minutes. The game has potential for sure. Also why does the blue rabbit fairy look like an exact mix between Paimon, Aether and a rabbit?

  9. belgurdo

    Another gacha game about sad anime lesbians beating each other up for loosely defined reasons. Kind of wish these Chinese studios would mix things up once in a while, Zenless Zone Zero style

  10. TheDullNull

    For all the people for whatever reason are wondering
    This is not an english dub song
    Its name is "Cage of Desire" made by NijisanjiEN
    It is an original song
    –> NOT A DUB <–

  11. Orvex

    Should have gone with japanese theme song instead of this mediocre english dub

  12. Lathander81

    Didnt see any playable male characters. It makes the world feel less believe able when everyone is female lol. Still will try it.

  13. Blood Sin

    Chinese predatory gacha game, you should be ashamed IGN but we all know money makes the world turn

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