High Quality Speakers That Sound Great

High Quality Speakers That Sound Great

These speaker are awesome which have really clear sound and good bass, but not to over powering. The build quality is very good and will look great on any computer desk or living room.

Steljes NS3 Powered Loud Speakers System British Design Stereo your Echo, Home Mini or iPhone through Bluetooth

Product Specification
Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

45W x 2 Power Output
1 Inch soft dome tweeter
4 Inch woven fiberglass
4 Ohm Nominal Impedance
85db Sensitivity
60Hz – 20KHz
Class D Amplifier
Inputs: RCA Pair (1), 3.5mm Stereo (1), Optical (1), Bluetooth (1)
Outputs: USB Charge (1), Sub-Woofer (1)
Dimensions: 210 x 140 x 190mm (H x W x D)
Net Weight: 6.1Kg

also checkout there website for more details

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  1. Gabrielo

    hey i found a few mistakes in the description again
    These speaker are awesome (theres no s on speakers)
    also checkout there website for more details

    (should say check out their)

  2. MrSammy

    🤓 if u have the room just use a home stereo system with a big dedicated subwoofer 😍🚩

  3. ifell3

    Have you done a chrome bookmark manager fix shortcut?

  4. Aramus Raynier

    Great Video Brian! Look like great speakers. A little typo at 4:40 with your yellow subtitle.

  5. Todd Dembsky

    Being an Audiophile and builder of speakers, these look pretty good. The bass was crisp (you could tell by the visual on the speaker cone, camera mics are worthless.
    Wish they came with dust covers to hide the drivers. I have 2 18" horn loaded SubWoofers with a 2500 watt amp in each one, do you think they might over power a 4" 45 watt system 🙂

  6. John John

    Great stuff Brian I'm thinking buying a pair. Thanks😁

  7. Henry47

    Great job & you shold look in to Vanatoo's thanks!

  8. Joey

    Hi Brian, just wondering in your intro – are you saying "what you guys" or whats up guys? I can never seem to understand the first few words you are saying.

  9. Lukas

    They are not available in germany or austria:/

  10. Neil Hutty

    I bought them and they're fantastic, just what I was looking for. Thank you!

  11. Greg C

    he said there not cheap there under 200quid thats well cheap for what your getting

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