HONG KONG – Drone & GoPro Skyline Video Tour

Explore Hong Kong and Kowloon in HD by drone, DSLR, and GoPro.

Attractions include the Hong Kong skyline, Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbour, the International Commerce Center (ICC), the Observation Wheel, the International Finance Center, Macau Ferry Terminal, Connaught Road Central, the Peak Tram, Big Bus Tours, Kowloon and Hong Kong Parks, The Peninsula Hotel, Bank of China Tower, Sampan Boats, the Star Ferry, Jumbo Kingdom, and other sites.

Filmed in January 2016 while on vacation in Hong Kong.

Music composed and played by Steven Stratvert. Instruments include the piano, violin, trumpet, & percussion.

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  1. Renate Stratvert

    It is as if we had joined you on your trip to Hong Kong. I like the pictures and the music!!!

  2. epicboy69

    I feel like Hong Kong boomed in the late 80s till the end of 90s and stagnated since then as the architecture shows it.

  3. 2900405

    It is too much "asian" or "oriental". As a Canadian I prefer New York

  4. WOW!!! It's a good job! Perfect combination of sound and video. I already give you more Like then I can. Really man It's awesome video!!!

  5. u i

    Such a cool video
    What was the name of your drone i have a red5 v2
    And a
    Phantom (something)

  6. Brooke Kingsbury

    Hello 🙂 This is amazing! By chance, could a group of 3 people please use a short clip of a bird's eye view for a school project? We would put credit to you. Thanks.

  7. Kui Lung

    Cities Versus#1
    There are total 10 questions. Just share your personal view. After that, you can see the other people responses. Welcome to share this website to your parents, relatives, friends et cetra!

  8. Carbonium 3

    I just realised that hong kong has more skyscrapers than the city in which I live in which is new york!

  9. Stealthmann

    city is cool but the people are racist unfortunately. ..The racism of the people erases the beauty of the country

  10. T. M '83

    Hong Kong owed to the British ,I owed to Hong Kong.
    Thank You Hong Kong back in'79.
    Kai Tak Camp, HK1979-80.


    Wow, Have you seen my trip on the Star Ferry?

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