HONOR Magic Vs: FINALLY! A Foldable You MIGHT Actually Buy!

This is my first impressions on the newly launched HONOR Magic Vs here in Malaysia!

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  1. Chriz Chin

    Big issues here is does this support 4G and 5G here in Malaysia as certification for devices are up to telcos. Slow.

  2. Timothy Lee

    Remarkable job from Honor πŸ‘ They managed to fit in a larger battery which is crucial for foldables, and managed to keep it thin and light which is better for portability and usage πŸ‘

  3. Pudin

    They should just wait a little bit and releases this phone with SD8G2 earlier next year, this 8+g1 not much different in terms of performance compared to 8g1 from their previous model

  4. T N

    For any foldables, come tickle me when they resolve the crease, for me personally, dont care what people say, the crease is very annoying. So when that day comes, my wallet is waiting.

  5. Pitt

    So wir er das Foldable aufschlΓ€gt sollte man das Foldable nicht behandeln. Da hat das Klapp Scharnier des Honor Magic VS keine lange Lebensdauer…πŸ“²πŸ’€

  6. Joel Conolly

    I'm still trying to justify getting a foldable. Only thing that discerns me is the aspect ratio of the inner screen as those black bar can be distracting. I think tablets design still will appeal me especially in watching content. Maybe I'll check something like the Oppo Find N with it's almost media like size.
    Otherwise, I'd go phone and tablet combo as my daily driver for the time being.

  7. Jason

    Was waiting for ur vid Lim

  8. Y T

    The crease tho. Looks thicc for a newly launched phone. πŸ€”

  9. Lucius

    I don't like it. Looks horrible.

  10. Hafiz Yaakob

    Hi Lim saya hadir πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜Š peranti boleh lipat dari negara China ni memang praktikal daripada Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, 3 dan 4

  11. Imran Faizal

    New kaler is nice but I like the oren from previous πŸ˜…

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