HONOR Magic Vs Unboxing & Impressions – I Need This!

Unboxing & First Look at the HONOR Magic Vs – the LIGHTEST Folding Phone – with the BIGGEST Battery! Check it out: http://bit.ly/3hWi7bM

Sponsored by HONOR

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  1. sophia isabelle

    HONOR Magic Vs seems like a study and efficient device. The design is unique.

  2. Been using my Fold 4 for about a month. All I can say is that I really hope foldables become the new norm. As for the inside screen, the bigger, the better.

  3. The Tech Chap

    Hey Chaps! Would you consider buying an Honor Magic Vs??

    Correction: it’s the lightest full size folding phone/tablet, obviously the smaller Oppo Reno N & Galaxy Z Flip are lighter 👍

  4. Mit

    No innovation, just copy what samsung did is their or whole industries strategy it seems.

  5. Fulloffit1950

    Until they are as thin as a normal phone folded and the cover screen as wide as a normal phone I'll pass

  6. Ramin

    its almost a honor branded Huawei foldable and that makes it great !

  7. Dom

    Don’t care for foldable phones until they bring the weight down and make the phone as thin as reg phones. Too much to fit in my pocket. Also, having a big screen when in public is not needed.

  8. Khogn TM

    If the "tablet mode" has such a format that it will have black bars on each side while watching movies, it defeats most of its purpose. I'll pass.

  9. Joseph Piskac

    Nice, disappointed you can see the screen fold junction when open.

  10. Riley Turner

    Liking this shade of Cyan Little more Green Than Blue ! but Absolute Beauty of a Foldable Especially The Design of the Camera Bump !

  11. Riley Turner

    Finally Enough Contenders of Foldable Battery Test ;-D

  12. Frost Nixon


    I can forgo not having a god damn selfie camera underneath the display of the inner screen; just bring back expandble storage (and offer larger storage options for the internal storage), fix the screen dimension issues and the crease formed in the center of the inner display when unfolded.

    The only way foldables will become widely adopted is if the manufacturers fix the issues that plague them currently.

    Those issues being:

    1. The crease formed at the center of the inner display's screen.

    2. Expandable Storage (MicroSDXC support). I can forgo not having a 3.5 mm jack on a foldable device just don't further reduce the functionality of the device by removing the ability of the end user to swap out cards for additional storage. "If it aint broke don't fix it." This should be reintroduced on a device that is being marketed as a catchall for all your mobile computing needs. Also, offering larger internal storage options would be cool.

    3. The outer display should have the same dimensions as a normal candy bar phone (dimensions similar to the Note 9 would be great) as that would make using the phone folded so much more convenient and ergonomic. That would also make the inner display larger and give both displays a more normal adpect ratio.

  13. Hood Hussler

    Imagine if we get a gaming ROG fold or a from Razer with a bigger battery and better performance as well as cooling

  14. Robert Scott

    Depending on your full review this maybe my next phone it looks great and sounds fantastic

  15. Mr. Whis

    As someone who actually thought Samsung was overrated that opinion has changed current Samsung just has to many things it does right Samsung Dex,Better software for foldable and smartphones this is something the competition just can't do right yet I love the hardware and bigger designs of these other folds but until they offer

    – Under screen camera ( I don't take selfies and for video chat the under camera works just fine )

    – Samsung Dex seriously every time I put Dex on a TV people are so amazed and dex is also great because you could get by with it's software

    – Software as of now Samsung also makes the best android tablets so because of that they have a better understanding of what a tablet and phone should be like

    -Updates Samsung promised at least 4 years of updates I'm not sure if these other companies can compete with that

    These are just some of many I'm not a Samsung fanboy but Samsung over the past couple 3 years really have changed my mind about them

  16. Akira Santos

    this is the beginning of Honor and Samsung war on foldables

  17. Augustine Ofori

    Apple a million years later: This is our new folding phone (with a chunky notch). It's an innovation unlike anithin to ever exist.

  18. Tom Dwyer

    Love it 😎- do we know if it’s IP rated ?

  19. Cliff Davis

    It is lovely but we want this, we do not "Need" it.

  20. Endijs Gūtmanis

    This is actually good that inside screen is not so powerful to save some battery.

    If this one had Samsung software, s-pen and SD card + Snapdragon GEN2 I would get it!

  21. Jorgidan 92

    Looks nice but I’ll never consider folding phones until Apple does one and even them I’m not sure im interested.

  22. Rolins

    In the end, what is the point of this new foldable Honor compared to the previous one 🤔

    It comes out with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 when the 8 Gen 2 already exists 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Is it waterproof, does it manage a pencil, does it have wireless charging, what are the advancements at the software level?

  23. Sami S

    Very nice. Still using my Honor 10 and it still rocks. Shoutout to Honor.

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