How Can I Boot From A USB Flash Drive in Virtualbox

How Can I Boot From A USB Flash Drive in Virtualbox

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VirtualBox was not designed to boot from a USB, but what if you want to boot from a USB Flash Drive in Virtualbox? well there is a easy way to boot from a USB in a VM. Its called Virtual Machine USB Boot

How to boot a USB key in VirtualBox

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  1. Heroes Of Balkan

    "Could not automatically add the driver(s) to the VirtualBox VM. unable to find a storage controller in the VirtualBox VM, please add one and try again" error is constantly popping out. I have SATA storage controller in settings. Idk what to do.

  2. My attempt to use this is probably the reason I can’t get the Kali to appear when I try to open it on the optical drive.

  3. DogeDiBest xD

    Everyone who have this error: startvm is an option for the VirtualBox VM runner (VirtualBoxVM) application, not the VirtualBox Manager.
    You need Virtual box v5. It does not work with v6

  4. Creativei

    very confusing .can u make it even simple , i have os pendrive plugged in and i have started vb but i cant find those settings . plz say easier way ..

  5. Jean Luc De Marc

    Super video. I tried to use that video for sd card.. i come to some way but my knowledge is limited in IT.
    Here is my and many other people situation. I have a device which runs on dos. Same devices other people uses are like oscilloscopes, cnc and other type specialized equipment and HDD are like 30 ish years old and they expected to die soon or they are noisy . In new pc.. disket ( A drive ) are non existent and usb on these old devices cant be installed.
    So … we try to buy adapters for cf card or sd cards(to simulate hdd) … and even if cf card arent totally obsolete , they need some adapters to connect to pc.. but sd card can be mounted directly to pc.

    Could you make video how to install dos 7.1 (due to use more than 2G of space) directly on sd card on pc and than we could plug that sd card directly to machine and it should work.

    Personally I tried rufus and free dos but what i did is not install but make bootable sd.. which machine did recognize but could not install since it was C: drive ..I would need 2 adapters (in my case not an option). Rhan your video helped me to the point of error iso 9660 .
    I will continue with your video and do note that in Oracle make some comments on settings-storage- type
    im running 486 socket 3 and i think it is 33MHz
    Thenak you for your work.

  6. Pedro 123

    pretty useful… i can finnaly test my brand new os!

  7. Blade

    Love your videos man! Is this by chance available in linux or Windows only?

  8. cookziee_

    But, can i use it to boot on my real machine?

  9. D J

    You didnt explain where the download fits in with all of this, missing a few explanations, without those explanations it would be a waste of time trying to follow along

  10. MarioTetris 998

    Thank you so so much, I was finally able to boot from my external hard drive! Man, I gotta subscribe to you.

  11. Melody

    God my brain, VMware is better

  12. Draky Ashkore

    So the answer is you can't… you need another program to cohost the boot…

  13. Saznaj više!

    Can you help me i'm getting this error: ,,–startvm is an option for the VirtualBox VM runner (VirtualBoxVM) application, not the VirtualBox Manager.''

    pls help

  14. Kavin Raj D

    Really Helped a lot to test my MultiBootUsb made with ventoy multi boot usb, Thanks Man

  15. LocalCDrive

    i tried this on my other hard drive. 'FATAL: No bootable medium found! System halted.' showed up and 'I dont want to set the world on fire' started playing in the background. I got a warm feeling…

  16. TheQuietCity

    will give it some time, but was kinda hard to watch. hr

  17. TheQuietCity

    making tutorials harder to watch and learn from is common practice for harvard rapists trying to keep other people down. This is common knowledge.

  18. David Reid

    I can't get this to work with Virtual Box 6.1. I keep getting an error saying it can't automatically connect with the virtual machine. It lists a possible solution of installing a controller in the virtual machine. I have tried it with a SATA controller and an IDE controller but I get the same error. The frustrating this is I was once able to boot on a USB drive without the special USB boot add on, but now it either ignores the USB drive or drops me into a command line instead of booting on the USB Stick. Do you have a better way to accomplish this task of booting on a USB Stick for this version of Virtual Box?

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