How China’s BYD Overtook Tesla [The Full Story]

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  1. @lambadainc8510

    The brand is called BYD because they used to copy BMW's, back in the day the dealers would even offer to replace the logos with fake BMW logos. Let's see if they are able to become a long term premium brand that makes quality products like DJI.

  2. @gregorstuder606

    Well done BYD. Much better designed than Tesla I think. But what about CO2 ? 82% of the Chinese energy comes from fossil fuels. Russian oil and gas; Australian coal and so on… ? Does it make sense ?

  3. @superleggenda

    Any obscure Chinese hamburger franchise is bigger than McDonald’s. Quoting liberally from the movie “the social network” a small percentage of a billion dollars is still a lot of money”. There are 1.5 billion Chinese, and the point there is just offering goods people can afford. This sound like the periodic “how Android has won the smartphone battle”. You know how they did? Selling PoS phones below 100 bucks.

    The Chinese hold significant stock it Tesla, and Tesla has been using BYD blade batteries on Gigs Berlin’s Model Ys (RWD) instead of CATL’s batteries (that are used on the Model 3 RWD). I don’t see Tesla capitulating any time soon.

  4. In China, they don't have GDPR concerns. So BYD can continuously stream all of its vehicle data to train future self driving AI. That is data set far superior to what Google etc have spent over a decade building up.

  5. @bucknasty1390

    Are the 520,000 BYD sales inclusive of the scam sales inventivised by the CCP?

  6. @thomas_the_cat

    tesla need not to worry… sooner or later the US government will find a way to accuse BYD of putting chinese spying technology on these vehicles and impose a ban, like they did huawei when it was starting to outsell apple 😅

  7. @WheezyShotta

    Super informative, as always. On one hand its good to see affordable EV alternatives coming to market, by seizing the battery market they’ve seen to one of their biggest OEM costs. Should mean for a push in more brands due to the market pull for cheaper cars. It’s the flagship phone argument, yes you could get a great phone, but if something goes wrong with it you’re kinda on your own until the brand gets bigger and can support more users. Can’t imagine having a fault with a car, then waiting 4 weeks for a part a mechanic would usually have on hand.

  8. @lipostube

    You are mixing data about BYD EV and Hybrids 🤷‍♂️

  9. @theochaos

    Yes… feed the Red Dragon !!! Let them eat us all !!!

  10. I am old enough to remember how the Japanese car industry went from a laughing stock in the seventies to a dominant player in the European markets. That transformation took nearly two decades and now we see that China is achieving the same thing in just a few years. The big difference between then and now is this; The collective West today has de-industrialized to such a level that it can no longer provide the basis for new large scale industries to compete with any of that. High end manufacturing can not thrive a without low end manufacturing base.

    I recently visited a chip machine manufacturer in my Netherlands and was told (again) that the main problem that they were facing was finding the people to produce the essential 'nuts and bolts' in the machine shop – not so much getting highly educated engineers to develop and assemble their chip baking machinery. One of the engineers said it best; 'We have trained our janitors to become robot operators – now we are in dire need of janitors'. So you outsource production where you can – which creates its own problems.

    Local high tech manufacturers relied mainly on cheap Russian energy, raw materials and produce (ironically this dependency includes the defense industries). That critical supply pipeline has now been sanctioned shut. Guess what is happening to those companies as we speak? Worse is to come once the conflict with China heats up and frankly I don't see how high tech in my neck of the woods is going to survive this perfect storm of neo-liberal follies.

    Back to cars – Germany's EV manufacturers have pretty much thrown in the towel and are instead going for minority stakes in Chinese EV companies. They are admitting defeat and cutting their losses which makes sense short term. This however is always a losing proposition in the long run.

  11. @MrNisipeanu

    They are No 1 in China. They don't exist in Europe.. I never seen one on the road. And as long as costs as much as a Tesla, why buy one?

  12. Here in Germany I havn't seen a single one. EVs are millionaire's second cars here due to the highest electricity prices in the world. The EV prices are ridiculous, and I wonder what prices BYD will take here. Due to electricity prices, low range (especially in winter), the end of subsidies, long charging times and very little and complicated charging spots the EV market share is just 2% and decreasing. No one I know would buy an EV. The situation in asian cities may be different.

  13. @Kerath

    Never saw them in the UK, but it doesn't surprise me that Australia is almost fully owned by China at this point.

  14. @CeeOS

    Just rode in a BYD here in the Philippines today.

  15. @N13J

    Chinese EV cars in general are hit or miss, some have no problem but many become garbage in less than 10,000km, quality control is definitely the biggest problem with any Made in China products.

    They’re cheap to buy one but the after sales service and maintenance is still questionable.

  16. @auear

    In Thailand BYD position them self not as a cheap car or affordable car company. Similar to the most China car companies, GWM, Deepal, AION. Their prices are around 3-5k usd cheaper than Tesla.

  17. Elon kept fooling around wasting money instead of focusing on Tesla. They improved the quality 7 years ago, but now tesla is trash again and keep failing to put new models on the market since years

  18. @OlivierMadiba

    Djeeeezos the big boat is a really bold movement. Now I am sure the chines government will have a big Data tracking of all the vehicles lol.

    Cia will not love it.

    But that's how every power country will act

  19. @gregb1599

    Toyota still sells 11 million cars worldwide every year and still cannot make enough, with some hybrid models still with a 12 month waiting list!

  20. @RIZFERD

    Fully support anything ASIA
    Even Warren Buffett is investing in BYD not Tesla, Elon Malon Usk, read: Elon Musk 😉 😅😁😂
    I love BYD Seal remind me of my early 2000's Mazda 3 Sedan

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