How Cool is This USB Drive

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How Cool is This USB Drive
Portable Retrobat 64G USB 3.0 Disk 15 Emulators&8731 Retro Games for PSP/DC/N64/NES/SNES for Windows PC/Laptop.

Latest RETROBAT 5.3 system, Pre-loaded 8370+ retro games, 15 classic emulators
Strong compatibility, compatible with Win8.1/10/11 desktop computers and laptops, handheld consoles with Windows systems, such as ROG Ally and Win 600. Of course, Steam Deck, GPD WIN4 and other devices are also completely fine


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  1. Tafsir

    I thinks it's 18 wheeler on the dreamcast

  2. Rob

    What’s the flash drive called ? Where can I get one ?

  3. Joe Johnson

    I wonder if any USB controller will work with it? With a PC

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