How do computers and the internet work? – Computer Science Basics

Learn how computers work and how the internet works. This video explains the basics of computer hardware, software, and networks.

⭐️ Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00) The 4 basic parts of a computer
⌨️ (01:07) Computer hardware
⌨️ (01:55) Types of computers
⌨️ (03:27) Motherboard
⌨️ (05:16) Software
⌨️ (06:31) Binary code
⌨️ (07:27) Decoding a binary number
⌨️ (09:03) How to measure data size
⌨️ (11:25) Measuring data speed
⌨️ (12:53) Binary bytes
⌨️ (13:40) Data networks
⌨️ (15:21) IP addresses
⌨️ (16:35) How the internet works
⌨️ (17:58) Content delivery networks (CDN)
⌨️ (20:14) Analog vs Digital & File Compression
⌨️ (21:56) Routers and Packets

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  1. Ifunanya Okolie

    Is there a format of writing the Ones and Zeros? For example, you wrote at 7:42 1001011 which is seven characters. Can there be more than seven characters, like eight characters and more? Say 00110001?

  2. Marcelo Azambuja

    The translation to Portuguese was made by the Secondary (High) School students of IFSul – Campus Gravataí, a Brazilian federal public school. Class 1M-B “Informatic Basics”. I would like to congratulate the students for this work.

  3. Raymond Wachaga

    That binary to decimal conversion method is pretty handy. Thanks!

  4. Farhan Pasha M R

    Madam your teaching method is so beautiful as like you.
    But I want to know which operating system is superior Windows or Mac OS
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  5. ASMR CactuS

    This woman explained basic computer information than my teacher did in high school…… thank god for the internet bruh……

  6. Zen Masters

    Really good video, kudos. The teacher is cute too.

  7. L J

    Thank you, Briana Marie for this content.

  8. Et Ins

    This pretty lady has some mesmerizing talks about computer system !!! great!!!

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  11. Obi Okehie

    Nobody's talking about her absolutely beautiful handwriting?

  12. 3glyB0y

    This woman is pretty handy and sexy

  13. Raouf Allani

    Thank you teacher excellent lesson _ Raouf From Tunisia

  14. Emaad Nahed

    The educational content available on the internet is far better in comparison with the low-quality schools, but employers don't value it.

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