How Do You Make A Windows PE

How Do You Make A Windows PE

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By following this video tutorial, you will be able to create a basic Windows 10 PE, if you want to add portable apps then let me know in comments section.

Download WinBuilder-Win10PE SE
File = Complete (273.04 MB) =

Windows v10.0.16299 or Win10_1709_English_x64.iso

Win10PE SE Release

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  1. ptv

    How to windows rt to normel windows?

  2. Chris Cole

    Hi Brian, I to get an error on 3 of 58 building in the config. script which reads( something wrong with deleting C:winPEtemp macro_library)
    then the info pop up saying (Build stopped by script command) have tried many times same error any thoughts. thanks Chris.

  3. Ryfer Biscante

    Who can help me?,my computer cpu usage is too high,how to make it low?

  4. Paul Buchanan

    Please make more showing more features and adding apps, Cheers Paul

  5. Corey Hanna

    hi britec mine does not start the process quits about 2 seconds on after pressing play button..folllowed your steps a few times in case its me but could it be a setting or what could hold it back from installing ..plz help thanks

  6. pathfindercod

    Please show how to make one with cloning and repair tools! 🙂

  7. Dave Petterson

    Could you please do an updated video on how to add apps to this please. Got the basics working with your video Thanks.

  8. Pete Ciallella

    Thanks for the tutorial. Is it easy to install drivers, for instance networking drivers, etc.?

  9. Can you please do a tutorial on how to setup virtual box like the one you are using please.

  10. Justin Pederson

    I had a windows 10 installer that had DaRT tools on it. It was amazing. I could make registry edits, use file explorer change passwords, and other useful tools. I lost it. I can not for the life of me figure out how to make another. Can you PLEASE show me??

  11. Cesare Vesdani

    Do you have a Windows Vista PE iso image? I looked online and could not find one. Please help me find a Vista PE iso image file.

  12. MLS MLS

    Nice video Mr. B. If you have time I would love to see the easiest way to inject my own apps?

  13. samacochan

    Followed step by step. Same download link. Just won't work. I mounted the image files onto the source folder and the Win builder can't find the image.

  14. Tyler Forrest

    this method no longer works!! unless im doing something wrong…. it keeps prompting me with "You must select a folder with Windows files in config source plugin-> select source "…….i followed all of your instructions to a t!!!!

  15. Marvin Ajero

    Hi , can i install this in my flashdrive, bootable flashdrive?

  16. Amsamuki Am

    hi. Downloaded Windows 10 pro Extract files to Win32 sailty virus warning.?

  17. RoomerJ

    It's telling a lot of us the same thing. Source folder not correct even though we followed exactly


    Hi thanks for all your tutorials, could you do a WinPEx64 tutorial with custom apps teracopy,macrium reflect,aomei,minitool, etc. best regards

  19. CH Usman

    i am getting this error even though i set path.
    You must select a folder with windows files, in Config source plugin->Select source, C:WinPESource not supported.

  20. Gordon Rae

    Will this have imagex installed? My WIM export size is 16gb, just over my 15gb limit. I have been using Gimagex and am hoping that using imagex will reduce my WIM size, will it compress better than GimageX? (Love your work my good man 🙂 )

  21. Mach Daddy

    Followed it to the letter and kept giving error about source folder?

  22. Puneet Sharma

    how can add the office 2016 , 2016 or 365 in windows 10 with install and activate both when install windows in hard disk i want a custome windows 10 with own software reply me as soon as possible thanking you

  23. Michael Hornback

    you cant download Win10PE SE any more you need a password to open the page

  24. JSLAY007

    I can't get to the link mentioned in the description. It's prompting me for a username and password.

  25. Martin

    Hi there, how we can download windows 10 enterprise edition??because most of the people download windows 10 home or pro, but how we can download enterprise edition? Thnx.

  26. s marqus

    Error .. Config source C:WinPESource not supported.

  27. Thomas Keats

    If you install a antivirus in the image, will it keep updates, or will all those virus definition and/or program updates we often get need to be recommitted? Or worse.. the PE image remade?

  28. Rui Coelho

    good job, but i keep getting "filecopy – failed to copy [|:|bcdedit.exe] to: [%basedir%projectstoolswin10pesex64bcdedit.exe]: " error on "preconfig", even if i dont make any configuration changes.

  29. Dante McSnickerz

    At least leave the proper links in the description, for the sake of fuck.

  30. zeus04

    Windows detected that Win10XPE_2021-01-16.7z contained Trojan:Win32/Sehyioa.A!cl. Is this a false positive? Any one else getting alerts?

  31. Stray

    If you want to do it quicker, don't close the destination folder before copying stuff to that folder.

  32. Maxime

    Can you make a video on how to add customized apps with the Windows PE using this program?

  33. Daniel Castellon

    lastest amd and nvidia drivers for a bootable usb live with at least 20G for installing extra progs on a 32G usb drive????

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