How General Motors Killed the First Modern Electric Car

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This Post Has 41 Comments

  1. Eric Sundell

    GM and domestic automakers have done sooo much worse than killing EV’s. They also played a huge part in destroying interurban rail systems, public transit in general, and passenger rail in the US. Would be cool to see a video on that too. Really a lot of the mess we’re in now with bad traffic and the sheer number of cars is a lot like the ev1’s story, money and greed. Capitalism is a race to the bottom sometimes…

  2. Stephen clay

    A brilliantly put together video. I drive an electric car and love it and have said many times if GM had stuck with the program just how much further we would / could be with the technology. All I can say is thank god for Tesla because until they came along manufacturers just played with it never wanting to to succeed. They basically gave Tesla a free run at it and now are having to play catch up.

  3. Paul Collins

    Tesla smokes most gas using high performance cars that tesla s1 is a 200 mph car

  4. Kalvin N

    They’re ugly compared to a Tesla, sure, but I’d drive one if they were cheap

  5. These oil companies are always involved in evil stuff: they lied about gasoline lead poisoning, climate impact from CO2 emittions, they lobbied against EV cars, the list continues

  6. Kalvin N

    This should be investigated and they should be charged for crimes against humanity

  7. doctor zeek

    Everytime something bad happens I swear it links to capitalism

  8. Papa Alpha Oscar

    Now it makes sense why an outsider (Tesla) was the one to finally make EV's mainstream. But it will likely be a Chinese company that will make it mainstream and ready for the mass market worldwide.

  9. Onlooker

    This is like a definitive example of how a boomer business worked!

  10. Mystipaoniz

    Michael Moore did a documentary about this, years ago. It was impressive to say the least.

  11. Most of us had our milk delivered in an EV during the 50’s/60’s without realising it 😂

  12. Argument, if you want to save environment, travel by train, bus or motorbike. Electric cars only reduce emission by about 60%.

  13. abc

    gonna be amazing with landfields of batteries and amazingly looking cars simply because they dont wanna buy a new battery for a 10 year old car when u can buy a new for twice the price

  14. Xavi Ondoño

    People are always a bit too quick to call “conspiracy”, but from the PoV of those executives the EV1 was going to be a nightmare.

    You had a group of very enthusiastic supporters, that is nonetheless too small to make the car profitable at a realistic price point.

    You had built upon a mature technology (lead-acid), so no major improvements are expected in range.

    The US at that time was a market heavily sensitive to range, with ads constantly boosting about the car ranges.

    EVs were the right idea at the wrong time, and while now we’ll see a bigger percentage of electric cars, anyone running the numbers seriously knows our current tech doesn’t allow full replacement, and that scenario wouldn’t be environmentally that good either.

  15. Azr

    It's quite sad that we had to be in the current day with fossil fuels as the way to drive cars when we could have literally turned emissions to zero since the early 90s. However looking at it, I wonder what will happen if Electric was the new General Motors instead and that the Oil oligarchies didn't become way too rich like in our current timeline, maybe we'll have flying cars and explored outer space by now.

  16. AriesT

    Just imagine how far we would have been with EVs and their tech today if the US was not terminal-stage capitalism. Could have solved most of our pollution problems in the car sector by now. Worldwide.

  17. Thumper

    Most of the car is made from oil 😂

  18. Thumper

    You want to improve health try not packing together like rats in a box. Most of the country is rural it’s a much better place to live

  19. Colton R. Dean

    I just had a nightmare dealing with GM over a Chevy Volt, another brilliant car they discontinued for no good reason. GM hasn’t changed, and I suspect the recent trend of hating Elon Musk is fueled (pun intended) by anti-EV forces.

  20. Thumper

    Electric isn’t the future soon power companies will start charging you penalties for having and charging electric vehicles at home just wait and see.

  21. Loanword Eggcorn

    The Impact was a prototype that did not go into production, and it did not go 180 Miles Per Hour. The EV1 did go into production and a special version set a land speed record of 183 Miles Per Hour.

    There are several other factual errors in the video.

    Nonetheless EVs are excellent and now selling by the millions, and the EV1 was a major inspiration for current EVs such as Teslas.

    EV1 was incredibly advanced, and people loved it. Which is why it was so sad when almost all were crushed by GM.

    GM was at least 20 years ahead of everyone else in EVs and literally threw that advantage away when it destroyed the EV1.

    We leased both the Lead-Acid Gen I EV1 and NiMH Gen II EV1.

  22. Flying-Artz

    And this is why those companies need to DIE! No Bailouts no sympathy!

  23. Xune

    Who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?

  24. Chris Johnson

    I need to stop watching videos like this. It's just so depressing.

  25. Dark Hawk

    Then what GM did with EV1 is now VW is doing with Electrify America charging infrastructure.

  26. Dark Hawk

    Now I understood how much did Elon Musk and Tesla stood against a huge wave Misinformation and oil mafia during the initial days of Tesla. So glad atleast now the EVs are becoming the reality ☺️🙏

  27. Juan Montez

    Why is Government involved? Let the free market decide. A bunch of worthless government employees involved in our lives.

  28. Pauline Montagna

    It just amazes me how so many people have worked so hard to ruin this world. Don’t any of them have children?

  29. Emmanuel Mllay

    Correct me if am wrong but every oil producing country is largely against EVs. Just assuming out of every 10 vehicles fueling every day 5 stop. Just imagine fuel only being needed for big power generators only and this only for the next decade before we able to produce enough green energy to run big factories. We are talking of big economies that are partly and fully reliant on oil collapsing or having greatly impacted. As I write this comment couldn’t help but think there is a group that is investing millions if not billions planing the fall of EV’s and any advancement going on in improving any type of batteries. I would like and hope to see some follow up content on the advancement of the graphite batteries he did.

  30. Sean Rawlinson

    @ColdFusion – Noticed my mate pronounced Nissan wrong. You becoming a yank? 😛

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