How I built and launched a chatbot over the weekend

Mike Williams shares how he built Art Chatbot over the weekend in hours, launched it, and generated thousands of messages. If you’re interested in learning how to build and launch a chatbot, this video is for you as he break down the steps he took, process, and tools he used (Chatfuel, Instapage, Google Docs, etc). Mike also shares how he open sourced the side project, built initial awareness, and also launched.

Art Chatbot:
Art Chatbot Open Sourced & Analytics:

Resources shared in this video:

Chatbots Magazine:

Medium post and written format of this video:

**A special thanks to Avery Andon and Art Life ( for the inspiration during the creation of Art Chatbot. Art Life is the official online gallery for both artists and artwork that are linked as URL’s in Art Chatbot.**

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  1. alehunter15

    All of these were made through JavaScript-FCC knowledge-javascript?!?

  2. Mira Bo

    Just my two cents, write a plan ahead of filming to keep on track and avoid too much repetition, redundancy is necessary but not to that length, it is problematic to have a speaker that keeps rambling around "interest" "feedback". Use visual cues and breadcrumbs, and create steps through musical build up and sequencing rather than blurt out a background repetitive loop. Form and presentation matter, especially in chatbot

  3. Rupal Agrawal

    You make it seem so simple. Could you also explain how integrate a chat bot only on an app?

  4. Marlon

    What's that groovy ass beat in the background

  5. Gyan Prakash

    thanks for sharing and making video, but background sound is really annoying.

  6. Lineage

    Music was too loud, acoustics + music make it hard to hear you, rethink your production maybe.

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