How I built the Airbnb of music studios in an evening (part 1 of the Studiotime story)

Want to know how to build, launch, and scale an online marketplace like Airbnb, Etsy, Uber, etc? In this video, Mike Williams shares his story on how he came up with the idea for Studiotime ( and built the MVP in an evening, launched on Product Hunt, and generated over 1M hits to the site. Studiotime was then immediately featured in media outlets such as Forbes, BBC, HYPEBEAST, The FADER, Complex, Pigeons & Planes, and more. Studiotime went from an evening side project, MVP that generated over $10k+ revenue in months, and is now the largest online music studio marketplace in the world.

Check out part 2:

Resources shared in this video:

Sharetribe (Marketplace platform):
Squarespace Logo:
Product Hunt:

Learn more about creator Mike Williams:

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  1. Bret Wadleigh

    This is really amazing, organic social media marketing at its best

  2. Ryan L

    Yooo thank you so much for this video. Feels so real haha, even if those websites were paid plugs Imma still visit them. Love this channel

  3. J

    How'd you handle issues with studio reviews being horrible & in that situation what would occur? What's your tech stack & how'd you make this alone? Is this share tribe service similar to Shopify?

  4. Andy Santana

    Would be awesome to hear how did you manage to generate more demand in a marketplace!!!

  5. thisisthejay

    Unreal! Wishing you all the success you deserve ++

    I’d like to see some more of the technical stuff you did with sharetribe

  6. alehunter15

    I like the fact you are breaking down your way of thinking+what tools you used(e.g. squarespace logo creator etc)
    CONGRATS mate excellent vid!

    I would like to know more about the way-method in contacting in general with other people (e.g. convincing them that this is a good idea etc) as well as informing us of the way you can earn your income from this (do you keep a percentage of the payment for each studio? )

  7. nēgrå åbrīl

    thanks ! I would appreciate if you can share with us some session about the inventory management

  8. Hey Mike, thank you for sharing! So much appreciated. Wish you all the best!

  9. Craig Spaid

    Excellent and inspirational story on turning an idea into reality! As you eluded to towards the end, the challenge of how to present the buyer with the quality of the studio could be a challenge initially. but as in the Airbnb market, quality will eventually show itself through customer comments, price and to a certain degree description of equipment and recording environment. I see you have Studio's broken down by type which is a good start. Eventually, you may want to also have search options for specific gear/technologies or specific environmental requirements. I have have a few more important ideas for you to consider in the future if you wish to discuss offline.

  10. Sabri Helal

    hmmm i went to a coding bootcamp 2 years ago in chicago and this was my final project. we built a marketplace for musicians to book studios. So yes this was built 🙂 kudos on making it a business tho!

  11. Kritta Twizted

    This is an incredible video; gave me the inspiration to move forward with an idea. Until this video, I did not know how to get my idea from the concept to reaching the public opinion. I could use more detailed advice/information about bringing an idea to the public and find out if it would be worth the time and effort to pursue as a business. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hitta

    Godaddy for a domain? Lol

    Sketch and Photoshop for a logo.. What?

    Why do you always plug Squarespace logo gen? 🙂

    Great video anyway!

  13. artcoregfx

    nice. what's the process/method of have the search query on the wp theme to run on the sharetribe db of studios?

  14. Yong En Kong

    Great video. I'll like to find out more about how sharetribe work for you

  15. Phil

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world. Very much appreeciated

  16. Sam C

    Thank you so much for sharing…… Truly inspiring….

  17. Did you decide from the beginning to use the "pro" sharetribe solution (more expensive than the "hobby" one)?

  18. Paulo Peixoto

    Hello mate. How did you create an entirely different design from the sharetribe platform?

  19. Ant Toks

    What programming language did you build it in

  20. Claudia

    This has been extremely helpful. Thanks

  21. Generate more demands in the marketplace

    WOW so glad I came across your video. I just built mine and now im just having a hard time of getting bookings. What would you recommend?
    Thank you for this awesome video

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