How I scaled the world’s largest music studio marketplace (part 2 of the Studiotime story)

Mike continues his story of how he scaled Studiotime ( from an MVP to the largest online marketplace for music studios in the world. He discusses the tools he used to do so without building a custom platform (WordPress, Sharetribe, Chargebee, Stripe, Zapier, and Slack).

Make sure to watch part 1:

Resources shared in this video:

Sharetribe (marketplace platform):
Wordpress (landing pages):
Chargebee (subscriptions):
Stripe (payments):
Zapier (task automation & integrations):
Slack (integrations & notifications):

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  1. alehunter15

    Cool video!
    All of this knowledge was after completing FCC certificates?!?

  2. Creative Rod

    Question: When a user chooses a subscription and pays thru chargebee how do you determine what access they have?

  3. Shelley Thompson

    How did you then develop the mobile apps? Can users rate studios and vice versa? How much coding knowledge do you have?

  4. Shelley Thompson

    Thank you for sharing all this knowledge. Its awesome, and to hear how you have utilized all these platforms to run your product so successfully is giving me hope. You rock.

  5. D

    How were you able to integrate sharetribe with wordpress? I've been fiddling with it for a while now but I can't seem to figure it out…

  6. Nathan Bui

    This is awesome man. Do you have any further walkthroughs how you were able to integrate your WordPress landing page and Sharetribe? I noticed the footers are the same. I just learned HTML and CSS, so I'm wondering how I can use the custom script in sharetribe to lower the radius of the buttons.

  7. What was your average cost per month, on the platform plus these plugins and what problems did you have to overcome ?
    how did you solve these problems ?

  8. get headache from so much information, it is so clear that it becomes unclear. hyrogrous language, does it take a long time to master wordpress? Where can i begin !

  9. shakil ahmed

    Great stuff mike. Can you make a video about Sharetribe? Thanks bro

  10. D. N.

    Hi Mike, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Which hosting provider did you choose for WordPress and what theme did you use to integrate with sharetribe? Do you have some further info or link that you can provide into this integration component? Thank you.

  11. Wheres_bears

    how did you match the subscription setting done with chargebee and sync them with sharetribe ?

  12. Caris J

    Thanks for this. Couple Qs – how does Slack notify you when someone has subscribed but not created a listing? And can you redo this video for your use with Flex? Cheers (from down under Aus)

  13. Boone Boone

    Is it possible to integrate Shopify with Sharetribe?

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