How is This Gaming PC Only $259?!

HP Early Black Friday Sale –

We bought a budget Ryzen gaming PC from Newegg and for only $259. What is the catch? Let’s find out

MuikeUHD Gaming PC –

GVGMALL Black Friday 25% off code: TB20
Windows 10 Pro ($16):
Windows 11 Pro ($23):
Windows 11 Home($22):
Windows 10 Home($14):
Office 2016 Pro Plus ($28):
Should have gone to, if you wanted a genuine cheap OEM key!

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  1. Bowsette

    Cute case but damn I’ve never seen FN run that bad. My phone runs games better πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Hallow334

    Would a MINISFORUM UM480 XT Mini PC with a Ryzen7 4800H, 16GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe SSD,2.5 G RJ45, 6 x USB Ports, 3 – 4K Displays and Windows 11 for $247 be a better deal if you werent planning on adding a video card?

  3. Hallow334

    The white case PC's are sold out, but Newegg does still have black cases. Wondering how much PCBROS' videos have to do when a product they show sells out???

  4. Luki

    I’m buying one of pcbros pcs❀

  5. Ddgh Bvff

    I have $400 can I get a gameing setup plzz

  6. Jason Altman

    I appreciate you guys reviewing these very reasonably priced pieces of hardware, but it seems like every time you call attention to these deals, they sell out in minutes.

  7. Lee 88

    is your eye ok dude ? best wishes

  8. Onknight

    I would have gone to 32 gigs of RAMΒ and change the processor to a Ryzen 3700x added the 6600Β graphics cardΒ and upgraded the power supply to 800Β watt

  9. 00V7

    do you guys think this pc is good enough just for streaming no gaming

  10. If 3050 and arc a750 are same price..which one should take for graphics design and 3d animation works.Which will perform better in adobe sofware?

  11. Darth Meow

    That price In my country you can get 5600g with 8×2 ram, b450m, 256 ssd, a generic 700watts psu

  12. Kastel

    It's bizarre to me to still see brand new PC cases with top-mounted power supplies.

  13. That's got potential down the line for not much cash. A 1660 ($100) and ryzen 5 2600 (40) would improve it no end.

  14. why not try a build with 2 Cores and 4 thread processors – and ways how to maximize its performance 😊

  15. Its_Travisplayz

    Can u guys make a video on the type of tools u would recommend for PC builds for Starters

  16. Blade5576

    Should I put a headsink on a m.2 gen 3 nvme ssd. I have a good case with airflow(4 fans montech air 100 lite).

  17. geo pouros

    I love your channel and watch all you videos guys love the energy BUT in several videos the parts you guys find and prices most off the times are not even close plus some times no even available… like this pc now ''This item is currently out of stock and it may or may not be restocked OUT OF STOCK'' I don't know how long it takes you to pump out videos and cant find prices like the ones you show us…I love the concept of helping people game without spending a crab load off money and i thank you but your channel is internationally watched pls give some attention to the prices and availability for every one so you are not another youtuber making content just to make video. Im sure you guys find good prices but at the end off the day it has to be applicable to the rest of us lol so we can reference you and you channel of helping us ! '' comment with good intentions btw '' πŸ™‚

  18. Wews

    As someone who comes from GT 740 and Pentium g4600 and bought Ryzen 2200g runs better and efficient than my first pc.

  19. Zackariah

    What about the AliExpress rx β€œ 580 β€œ $60 instead of $150 of the 1650. That would lower the price of the whole build by $100.

  20. Jwalker

    What I like about this PC is that it has a standard PSU and connectors. You can upgrade the CPU, PSU, GPU, ram. I'm not sure what CPUs are able to run on a A320 but it should be able to use a 3600. It's the first 2200g I've seen tested in a longtime. I think one limitation is the maximum vram option being 2gb. 2gb vram with 6gb system ram isn't alot to play with. Also Vega would run best if you bought a 16gb 3200ghz cl16 kit instead of mixed ram sticks running at minimum GHz. You are quite limited on GPU options with only a 350w PSU too so the 1650 is a good option there. Was a great video that shows a cheap system you can buy for very little money then upgrade over time as you have the money to do so.

  21. David Strifler

    hi toasty bros i play on a Nintendo switch and was wondering if for a Christmas gift i could get a pre-built pc, im a 13 year old gamer trying to go pro, I would love to have a pc as its my #1 dream

  22. MrBeets

    Bout what I'm hoping to sell my i7 6700 gtx 970 pc for lol

  23. Jordan Mntungwa

    I love you toasty Bros but you guys confuse me sometimes. A while ago you tested a 4000 series APU and got more than 100FPS on Fortnite at 1080p and you said it's not that great'. it had one stick of 8GB RAM but you didn't give it a chance with 16GB before comparing the APU to a GTX1660. now you're playing fortnite and can barely see and you're saying it's playable.
    For my sake please go back and Test the Ryzen 3 4300G again with 2x 8GB 3600Mhz RAM. The video where you did that was the one where you went to best buy for a curb-side pick up and they made you go inside.

  24. Chris Keller

    Would hae been cool to see just the RAM upgrade first to see what that would do and then add the GPU. I like to see each upgrade individually to see what it does overall to the system. This will also help viewers to determine what upgrade path they want to do if they are on an extremely limited budget. What percentage lift in FPS for the $16 stick of 8 GB RAM? Same for the GPU.

  25. Leoneil Dy

    what cpu could be the max upgrade for that a320 motherboard and 350w psu?

  26. adonian

    πŸ˜‚I have a 2nd gen AMD APU I think it’s a 2400g…. But it’s coupled to a gtx 1050ti.

  27. vegatables

    Can’t wait for them to resell it for 500$ on their store

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